'08 Glenn Robinson diamond card
94 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 78 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 63 REB

We Already Got Him! WORSE ZEON

Written by Anonymouses

Hello guys, and I am back with another review, and we are going to be doing a review on this new diamond Glenn Robinson!

Bought For: Pulled. He a bin already I think he 80k maybe bit higher not sure rn.


  • Butter release on current gen. It’s ZEON’S. GREENED SO MUCH. It’s green. Trust me.
  • He is a sniper with range can hit from deep, especially that release. Especially with HOF Corner Specialist and Catch and Shoot and silver range.
  • Good enough defender and moves well Laterally on defense, gets in lanes for me and good length!
  • He is very strong and won’t get blown by even though his steal and interior defense isn’t the best.
  • Gets lots of contacts with his 90 vertical, good dunk rating and tendency, with alright dunk animations with my experience!
  • He has very good speed and moves very well. With his QFS he is fast. Zeon speed almost.
  • Does the speedboost glitch, and can do a regular speedboost.

How to Use: Use as a dunker, a shooter, and get in lanes and RUN AT SF!!

Badges to Add: Deadeye, Flexible, Handles for days, Interceptor, tight handles.


  • Not the best dribble sigs.
  • Not a ideal steal rating, nor defensive tendency.
  • Not the best rebounding if you want to use at PF.

Level of Play: He is a Walmart Zeon but not on that level quite yet, unless you badge him out.

Bottom Line: Get this card when the quantity of cards are a lot which is most likely later. He is really, really good, near 5 stars. He is a 4.6 star card. That’s just pushing. Get him.

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