'05 J.R. Smith pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 89 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 86 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 67 REB


Written by Anonymouses

Hello guys, we are going to be doing a review on the new J.R. Swish or The Henny God!!!

Bought For: (Locked in) About 1.5 million plus!!!!!


  • LOGO GREEN LIMITLESS RANGE. Hits halfcourters, I love his release! Got that HOF RANGE AND GOLD CATCH AND SHOOT!
  • Really Nice sigs in the half court love the BTB, decent through the legs, nice hesi. He can speedboost and do the glitch.
  • He has insane dunking packages as of what I used earlier, he dunks on people at times!
  • He moves well, in-game, Good wingspan, good height for the SG!
  • He is a really nice defender in my opinion got quite a few steals with him in a few games of TTO! And moves really well laterally.
  • Gets contacts with his tendencies and rating, HOF SHOWTIME. So easy to get takeover with.
  • I did get an ankle breaker with him, but those are rare!
  • He does everything.

How To Use: Use as a Secondary Ball Handler and shoot the ball with him from range. Also, use him to get dunks with because he will dunk it!

Badges to Add: Handles for days, Intimidator, Green Machine, Hotzone Hunter, Maybe Heart crusher or Deadeye.


  • Low block rating but is that relevant for a SG? He is that good, that I had to put this there!

Level of Play: He is THE BEST SG in the game and best wing in the game, and it isn’t close to me!

Bottom Line: Do not lock in this card, unless, you are a big baller, and you want the 2nd best card in the game, but #1 in my opinion! You can even debate he is the best card in the game because he can shoot from the logo!

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