'04 Michael Redd diamond card
93 Overall
  • 79 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 74 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 79 DEF
  • 42 REB

Godly Card, Ray Allen Clone!!!

Written by Nba2kGod11

These past few promo sets 2k has released are steps toward unrealistic OP cards in the future. We're getting some crazy cards in the new content already, including this Diamond Michael Redd!

Bought for: 110K MT


  • Shooting: Honestly not much to be said here, this man simply doesn't miss! Hits an insane amount of whites with his 94 3pt rating; however the badges are what really make him a consistent sharpshooter from the outside. These include HOF Catch-and-Shoot(key for a wing), Corner Specialist, Gold RANGE EXTENDER(swish from halfcourt in TTO), Hot-Zone Hunter(hot zones everywhere outside the 3pt line!), Flexible Release, Deadeye, Green Machine, and so much more. This card comes with literally every shooting badge in the game except for Deep Fades which is just crazy if you ask me. Gold Steady isn't even a weakness to be honest, everything open will go down anyway! Redd also has that Ray Allen base which is one of the best releases in the game, greens from downtown all day. There's no denying that this card is an unbelievable shooter.

  • Slashing: Not only will he hurt you from distance, Redd can also drive to the basket for easy buckets the hard way. Great speed in the 80s and will get blowbys with that Silver QFS! HOF Space Creator and Gold Downhill make the card feel faster too. His Pro 5 BtB(2nd best in the game on Current Gen) will help him get by defenders with ease as well. Michael Redd can burn some people off the dribble which is key to such a potent offensive player.

  • Finishing: This is an important part of a slasher's game and Redd can get the job done near the hoop for sure. He comes with an 89 driving layup with Gold Contact Finisher, Slithery, Acrobat, Giant Slayer, and more. Will dunk the ball occasionally as well with a decent rating.

  • By no means is he an excellent defender but for such a deadly offensive threat you can't expect much. 84 lateral quickness with bronze Clamps isn't bad, he comes with Pick-Pocket and Pogo as well.

  • Is able to get every single badge in the game applied or upgraded(except the two most important ones...); I recommend applying Interceptor, Intimidator, and maybe Handles 4 Days to this card.


  • Clamps is "only" on Bronze which isn't ideal; it can't be upgraded either. Another problem with his defense is the lack of Interceptor(with a low steal rating) so he's not the best at getting in lanes(at base).

Recommended Strategy: Fantastic secondary ball handler.

Other Comments: Incredibly similar to the PD Ray Allen card, both elite at what they do!

Use if: You want a top-tier card that can compete with the best of them, and for relatively cheap.

Don't use if: You prefer wings with exceptional defense.

Bottom Line: I recommend this card to anyone, even if you have more MT! A lights-out shooter with the ability to slash and play defense.

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