Khris Middleton pinkdiamond card
95 Overall
  • 80 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 78 PLY
  • 84 ATH
  • 80 DEF
  • 73 REB

Better Latrell! | BEST CONE?!?

Written by Anonymouses

Hello guys, we are going to be doing a review on the new Pink Diamond Khris Middleton!

Bought For: (Locked in) He is about 400k Or 500k To lock in maybe less depending on time of day. Or maybe more!


  • He has a really nice release and can hit from Klay like range in 2k, but a tiny bit farther with his HOF catch and shoot and gold range, and he’ll shoot for lights out!
  • He Can sprint to the basket kind of with his silver qfs and decent speed and acceleration, and not that he is the best driver, but he can get it done. 75 dunk is decent with a decent dunk package as of what I was using.
  • He plays good defense and can guard 1-4 with decent length. He hasn’t really got any steals for me, but it’s normal. He is good in the lanes trust me. I haven’t used him in lanes yet. He also, moves very well Laterally.
  • He Can BTB spam with Normal 2 BTB, but it doesn’t give me as much separation as the Normal 3 BTB in my opinion.
  • He can speedboost and do the speedboost glitch.
  • He has basically most of the badges you want and hotzones you want to see in-game, he isn’t that inconsistent either.

How to Use: Use as a cone in-game, occasionally drive to the basket if needed when open, and shoot the ball from 3 MAINLY, and play GOOD/Decent Defense.

Badges to Add: Upgrade QFS to gold, give him handles for days, intimidator, and interceptor.


  • 75 dunk. But it isn’t that bad, not really a weakness yet, but that will be mediocre later on in like January.
  • Alright sigs.

Level of Play: He is just better Latrell.

Bottom Line: This card is a beast, but not worth the lock in. One of the best this Season to lock in though!

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