Anthony Davis pinkdiamond card
95 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 80 OUT
  • 65 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 91 DEF
  • 81 REB

AD The Demigod!

Written by Nba2kGod11

This card is the definition of a demigod at this point in the game, he can play inside and out very well. Anthony Davis can simply do it all and is an unstoppable threat.

Bought for: 180K MT


  • Inside Scoring: AD can straight up bully guys down low with 90 strength + Gold Backdown Punisher. Comes with HOF Post-Spin Technician and Dropstepper, crucial badges for post scoring this year which are very cheesy. Late in the shotclock Davis can hit a quick fadeaway too with his 93 post fade + Gold Deep Fades. Dunking is elite for someone his size too, quite athletic with badges like Gold Contact Finisher, Acrobat, Silver Pro Touch, and more. This guy's just so hard to guard in the paint.

  • Defense: For a big man, that HOF Intimidator is huge! This card comes with plenty of other important defensive badges too including Gold Heart Crusher, Pogo, Post-Move Lockdown, Rim Protector, Bronze Interceptor, and even Bronze CLAMPS(so he can guard people on the perimeter which will be especially key if you want to play him at PF, although I don't recommend it). The phenomenal defensive stats including 95 interior defense and 89 block as well as incredible length are just the icing on the cake here. AD will lock up on the defensive end against any kind of opposition.

  • Shooting: It's only a 79 3pt rating but trust me when I say it feels a lot higher. This is due to him having HOF Hot-Zone Hunter, with hot zones from nearly everywhere!! The ability to hit from just a little deeper with that Bronze Range Extender is crucial too; in pick-and-pops 2k spots up players from just a little behind the 3pt line so this really helps with the shooting. Other nice shooting badges he has include Silver Corner Specialist, Bronze Flexible, Green Machine, and Catch-and-Shoot. Anthony Davis release is really smooth for a big man as well. All around this card puts pressure on the defense with his ability to hit shots from the outside!

Badges to Add/Apply:

  • Quick First Step, he's got great speed for a center so once he gets this badge AD might be able to blow by some slower guys.

  • Rebound Chaser, his rebounding stats aren't the highest but with this badge and his wingspan Davis will be cleaning the glass with ease.

  • Catch-and-Shoot(Optional), most of his jumpshots will be spot-up catch-and-shoot ones so this badge will definitely help with consistency!


  • Basically none after the badges mentioned, I mean he doesn't have the greatest dribble sigs but what do you really expect.

Recommended Strategy: Play at Center, expose shorter or slower big men with AD's ability to play inside-out.

Other Comments: Better KG?

Use if: You want a godly big man on your team that can do it all.

Don't use if: You don't have the MT.

Bottom Line: An absolute demigod of a card that won't get outdated quickly!

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