Ben Simmons sapphire card
85 Overall
  • 74 INS
  • 50 OUT
  • 76 PLY
  • 80 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 60 REB

Ben Not Worth It

Written by Nba2kGod11

I don't think I've done a negative review before, but I decided to do one on Ben because I feel like he's overhyped. This card sucks in my opinion.

Bought for: Don't know exactly how much he's going for rn but he was quite expensive at some stage.


  • Defense: Being 6'10 at SF is great and his stats are decent(79 perimeter defense, 77 lateral quickness, 81 steal) and he has bronze clamps. With silver interceptor and pick-pocket + bronze intimidator and pick dodger as well Simmons is an elite defender.

  • Playmaking: Silver Dimer and Floor General help his teammates, along with Bronze Needle Threader.

  • Finishing: 84 driving layup along with some nice silver finishing badges can help him get some crafty layups.


  • Shooting: 51 3 and 43 mid, nothing else to say he bricks everything. In any game mode your opponent can just paint sit on him, which is a huge problem.

  • You'd except 2k to make Ben faster than this, 84 speed but 76 acceleration and speed w/ ball. 78 ball handle also isn't the best. But the main problem here is no QFS; bronze downhill is great but QFS is key.

  • Dunking: Ben is one of the best dunkers in the league but 2k made him trash. 78 driving dunk with bad tendencies is much too low.

  • Rebounding: Trash rebounding stats in the 50s and 60s, and no rebounding badges. He's 6'10 though but he's just not that great at cleaning the glass.

Recommended Strategy: Just sell him. Trust me, there are better options.

Use if: You're a Sixers fan.

Don't use if: You want a good card that can shoot.

Bottom Line: This card is just not it, some people like him but just looking at his stats/badges I'd say he's not worth it. Save your MT.

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