Cameron Reddish pinkdiamond card
95 Overall
  • 70 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 79 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 66 REB


Written by DameDaGoat

This card is ridiculous, straight up ridiculous. Not a thing he can't do, if he gets posted up, the opponent will miss because of gold intimidator, if he's open, he'll splash from deep, and if he gets a lane it's definitely going to be taken. Also considering the fact that it takes around 75k mt to lock him in and resell is crazy; if you have the mt, cop this card.

Bought for: 75k mt (I paid 200k total but I resold for profits).


  • Slashing: If there is one thing this card specializes in, it's slashing. Right away you see 90 driving dunk, 88 driving layup, and 88 draw foul on a 6'8 SG along with HOF showtime (posterizer on next gen), gold contact finisher, gold slithery finisher, gold fastbreak finisher, and gold pro touch. Along with that he has a 7'0 wingspan which is huge for a SG this early in the game. NOW INTO GAMEPLAY: He has a lot of Paul George's dunk animations such as the strong 2 handed driving dunk (with hanging on the rim) and the one handed safe dunk that NEVER gets blocked; plus he makes quite a few slightly contested layups. Cam feels like a quicker Paul George when driving, around similar height, but he does finish with a little more power and he is more likely to throw it down over an opponent. Cam also has a similar player build to Paul George in 2k, which makes his dunking so much better than it would be otherwise. Cards like Darrell Griffith are great at dunking but don't finish strong, the Paul George build (even though cam looks different) makes him a powerful and effective dunker. Plus he has the overpowered giannis hesi glitch. Just tap L2 and run in a semi-circle and its a free dunk or layup every single time. This PD cam is a glitch running to the rim.
  • Shooting: Who would've thought that a Cam Reddish card in November would be a knockdown shooter as well as a slasher? I wouldn't have. Cam comes with HOF catch and shoot, HOF tireless shooter, gold corner specialist, gold flexible release, gold green machine, gold hot zone hunter, gold deadeye, and silver range extender with hot zones everywhere at the 3 except the left hash. Plus an 88 3pt shot and mid range with Paul George base, which is arguably the best release off of the catch. You definitely do not want to leave this card open. NOW ONTO GAMEPLAY: Cam does have a good shot off of the dribble but it's obviously the best off of the catch. I really like taking stepbacks with him when he has takeover, plus its so smooth that it's easy to green. When this card gets his sharp takeover, shoot everything with him. Some cards get really overpowered with sharp take, and this is one of them. I just casually green 50% contests with him when he has take, it's the most broken thing in the game. It's like steady shooter on HOF but it inreases open shot percentage too. Don't give him a slashing shoe, because sharp takeover is definitely the way to go.
  • Defense: Cam the clampgod. He comes with HOF pogo stick, HOF pick dodger, HOF chase down artist, gold interceptor, gold clamps, gold pick pocket, gold intimidator, gold off ball pest, silver heart crusher, and more. Those badges make him actually able to guard centers. He also comes with 88 lateral quickness, an 87 steal, and a 65 block, which is high for a SG. His tendencies aren't anything crazy but they could be a lot worse, and he also has a fairly low foul and hard foul tendency. NOW ON TO GAMEPLAY: Of course he gets in lanes, 7'0 wingspan and gold interceptor are too nice, and this really is the perfect card to bait someone with. Control him in a game and I can almost guarantee you'll get a few lane steals. Also having silver heart crusher makes a HUGE impact in game. If you ever get a steal with him and go in for a flashy dunk, his takeover will be at least half full and it will drain your opponent's takeover. It's the most incredible thing for a SG. All of that is helpful in game, but the thing I was most impressed by was his ability to block shots. Only a 65 block but HOF pogo stick and HOF chase down artist are too good, he's like a shorter giannis on defense. A lot of the time when a clamps animation is triggered and the opponent tries to shoot over him he'll swat the shot out of the court. The fact that I have a rim protecting SG is ridiculous, this card is so overpowered on defense.
  • Dribbling: He comes with the pro 1 hesitation which is nice, but the main thing is that he has pro 5 btb. On current gen it is very smooth and perfect for rim running. He doesn't have a good escape package or a great tween but it doesn't really matter much as he is a SG and you can't spam the tween this year. Cam comes with gold handles for days, gold bail out, gold ankle breaker, gold dimer, and gold tight handles as well, which all help with dribbling.


  • Rebounding: 64 offensive and 67 defensive rebound isn't awful for a SG but in general it isnt good. Because of his high vertical he does grab a few boards but if you run him at center in tto he will be a rebounding liability.
  • High intangibles: I'm guessing his intangibles are high because of poor post moves and strength, but seeing 90 intangibles is a little worrying, though it doesn't mean a thing on this card.
  • Low strength: Gold intimidator mostly makes up for his low strength rating of 62, but since he is a SG it really isn't much of a problem except for in tto. If he is backed down you can really tell that his strength is low because he doesn't even try to withstand it, but he often contests the shot which is helpful.
  • Bad defensive tendencies: 40 on-ball steal and 45 pass interception are terrible, you will have to get in lanes on your own with this card, he's no deron on the ball.


Examples: sub to dazz


Use if: You want an athletic do it all SF/SG.

Don't use if: You're broke or you hate good cards.

Bottom Line: Best mt I've ever spent, 100% worth it in every way.

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