'93 John Starks diamond card
93 Overall
  • 77 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 80 PLY
  • 86 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 40 REB

Great card with qfs applied!


This john starks card at base is a nice card. He has good defense and range, but he has 1 glaring problem. No qfs! But I managed to find one with silver qfs and he's an all around beast!

Bought for: 32k MT (With silver qfs) Most people wont find it for this good of a price!


Defense- This card has some beyond elite defense with gold clamps, gold interceptor, HOF pick dodger, and great stats with a 93 perimeter defense and lateral quickness. This is an ultra valuable piece of his game, because at this stage of the game gold clamps is just so cheese. If you're facing a pd curry, or a cheesy offensive guard, Starks is that guy you want on them.

Shooting- Starks is an absolute sniper and he feels so overpowered. He poesesses a 93 3 ball, 85 mid, and badges like HOF CAS, silver RANGE, gold difficult shots, and HOF corner specialist. He can hit from way downtown, leaning 3's and is automatic from 3 when open. He also has jumpshot 40 which is super easy to green, and is cash in my opinion.

finishing- He is also an elite finisher for me, and can get to the basket and jam it with ease. With 80 driving dunk, he can definitley get it done, and he has good tendencies too. With badges like Gold contact, and giant slayer, its a no brainer that Starks is a cheesy finisher. (BUT if you do not have qfs applied his finishing ability is not as great)

Playmaking- At base starks isn't a good playmaker, but once you add silver qfs everything changes! He has 86 ball handle, and great badges like silver qfs, downhill, bronze dimer, and good passing stats too. Not a huge part of his game, but necessary for a lot of thing, whether it's creating his own 3, slashing, or diming to his teammates.

Dribbling- idk why, but his dribble moves feel so cheese. normal 2 btb, and normal 6 tween are so weird, that they might just fool your defender!

Weaknesses: Speed- 83 speed with ball isn't great for a PG, but once i added qfs is added this feels more like 86, 87.

rebounding- Trash rebounding stats, will barely even grab the ball off the board.

Post game is absolute trash.

Gold steady is good IMO, but majority of people hate it.

No flexible release.

Recommended Strategy: "A great card to shoot, play d, and jam it!"

Other Comments: (optional) "Wouldn't recommend buying without qfs."

Use if: "You want a great defender, who can splash."

Don't use if: "You want a hyper athlete like John Wall."

Bottom Line: "A very good piece who can fit into any system at base. But he is SOOOO MUCH BETTER WITH QFS."

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