'59 Wayne Embry pinkdiamond card
95 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 97 REB

Unbelievable Reward Card!!!

Written by Nba2kGod11

Has anyone ever heard of Wayne Embry? I haven't at least. No idea why these guys are getting such overpowered cards but here it is... time to grind triple threat offline for him lads. We can only pray the vault is lucky this time around, because this free PD is an absolute god who can do it all!

Bought for: I estimate it would probably take around 100-150 games to get him. Worth that grind? Maybe, if you're doing XP challenges along the way.


  • Defense: Easily one of the best defensive cards in the game! HOF Intimidator, Gold CLAMPS, Heart Crusher, Pogo, Rim Protector, Post-Move Lockdown, are just a few of the phenomenal defensive badges this card comes with. 90 interior defense, 85 block, and 92 strength with a decent lateral quickness of 83 is amazing too. Despite his size(only 6'8 at the C/PF) he's got incredible length and the badges make up for it as well. Absolute lockdown defender!

  • Gold QFS and Downhill as a big man; he has the Giannis BtB which can be cheesy and a pretty good tween(I used it on Glenn it's actually nice), and even a 86 ball handle. Free blowbys for easy points!

  • Finishing is reminiscent of PD Blake's, one of the best dunkers in the game with 97 standing and driving dunk! HOF Acrobat, Giant Slayer, Contact Finisher, Relentless, and Slithery with the Long Athlete layup package is crazy, and remember we're talking about a CENTER. Like I can't even explain how good he is at this point, the stats explain themselves.

  • Embry is actually really good in the post! You wouldn't think a small-ball center would be dominating down there but he can, he has an arsenal of moves to beat you with. HOF Deep Hooks with a 95 post hook is handy as well as Gold Post-Spin Technician and Dropstepper!

  • While 76 3pt might not be the most consistent, you can still hit with it open! This guy will be cash from the corners. Gold Catch-and-Shoot and Corner Specialist with hot zones in the corners is huge. His middie will be money as well, D-Lo's base which is quite interesting because not many cards have had it yet; I'm assuming it'll be great. He can even get Range if you want. No, he's not a lights-out shooter, but for a Center his shooting is good enough.

  • Basically perfect rebounding to be honest. 97 rebounding stats with HOF Rebound Chaser, Box, and Worm along with the length I mentioned before? Yeah don't question this card's ability to grab boards for you.


  • Literally none, possibly his size or if you need a sharpshooting big like Dirk.

Recommended Strategy: This card can truly do it all! I'd actually run as a small-ball center but that's completely up to you.

Other Comments: Better Diamond Buck Williams; ironically he was also from the TT Offline Vault

Use if: You don't mind grinding out the boring TTO games against the CPU and have patience and time.

Don't use if: I mean he should make any team if you get him, but obviously if you don't want to grind it's up to you.

Bottom Line: A top 10 card in the game, could even be a better Blake for some playstyles. Heavy W from 2k for giving us such good free stuff like this card right here.

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