'09 Deron Williams diamond card
94 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 95 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 55 REB

Still a demi.

Written by SomeRandomBoomer

Insane all around PG that can dominate the opposition.

Bought for: 55,000 MT with Gold Clamps and a diamond shoe.


  • Playmaking: 96 Ball Handle, 95 Passing accuracy, and HOF Floor General, Unpluckable, Gold Ankle Breaker, Dimer, Quick First Step, and Silver Bail Out, Downhill, and decent dribble sigs.

  • Shooting: 91 3 ball, and Gold Catch And Shoot, Difficult Shots, Tireless Shooter, Volume Shooter, and a pretty good release in Jump Shot 22.

  • Defense: Gold Pick Dodger, Pick Pocket, Silver Clamps, Interceptor, a 6'10" wingspan so he can play lanes well and 84 Lateral Quickness.

  • Slashing: Can't dunk very well, but does have a 92 driving layup, Gold QFS, Acrobat, Contact Finisher, Fancy Footwork, Relentless Finisher, and HOF Slithery Finisher.

  • Badges: Can get and upgrade every single badge.


  • No significant weaknesses: There's really nothing bad about this card. I guess rebounding, but it can still grab boards. I guess dunking, but his layup is really good.

Recommended Strategy: "Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, play lanes, pass first, get open from 3."

Other Comments: "Purchased with gold clamps and a shoe"

Use if: "You want a fairly cheap all around god"

Don't use if: "You have a god squad or are a budget baller"

Bottom Line: "Great value for money."

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