'19 Rudy Gobert diamond card
94 Overall
  • 76 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 35 PLY
  • 80 ATH
  • 91 DEF
  • 95 REB

The real review

Written by void1505

Two reviews in one day man i need to get a life cuz anyway i just picked up this card and imma just say wow just y 2k make this man so good anyway lets get to the review

Price: i bought him for 88k but your price may vary as the year goes on


Shooting: there is no way in hell rudy irl has a 93 pt with gold range just no but 2k thinks he could i mean ik its a glitched card but this is as glitched as stockton having a 90 driving ok anyway he has fantastic badges for this such as hof: catch and shoot, corner specialist, CLUTCH SHOOTER( i just gatta say y this badge i think this badge is op on silver in the clutch moments but on hof just y), tireless, and volume. this man relese to is just butter plain butter he has base 41 and upper 29 which in rudys case is great. he also has some really good gold badges and ill name the important ones Gold: range, hot zone, hotstart, and deadeye

Defense/Rebounding: ok now something i can acually say is truthful to his irl counterpart his defense all imma say is hes a pure lockdown like no one below a 80/85 driving dunk without the proper badges will get over him an even then its hard and if your saying what about other big man or post players well this is where his i think perfect set of defense badges come in Hof: post move lock, rim protector, and intimidator. just plain nasty this man honestly is the poster boy for 3 and D. he also has other gold badges such as Gold; Brick wall, rebound chaser, heart crush, and pogo just to list in my mind the important ones. but lets gett to his rebounding and all i have to say is 94 and 95 rebounding scores on a 7'1 with 7'8 wingspan i mean what else do you need (forgot to add he has a 96 interior and a 95 block sorry)

Finishing: imma keep this short i mean he has a 95 standing and a 80 driving and thats ok i mean can he do it yes but with the lack of contact finisher its not always the best option to finish with him in a contested situation.


I really dont know: i mean he does everything a center should do and more i mean he is slow but what centers in this stage of the year isnt a little slow i mean he has a 35 ball handle youll get stolen from alot but just dont run the ball through him like that and your fine.

Strategy: run alot of pick and fades with him its a offballers nightmare and he does it well with being able to shoot at a high degree also keep him in the paint just trust me on that one

Use if: you want a fantastic stretch that plays amazing defense

Dont use if: you dont have the mt

End thoughts: i mean this card is really op in my eyes with the way i play because i have johnstockton and he has hof dimer and floor general which gives this man an even bigger boost and with the right coach/shoe/badges you can make him even better

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