Chris Paul amethyst card
91 Overall
  • 77 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 92 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 54 REB

Best Budget PG In The Game.

Written by Nba2kGod11

I copped this Amy CP3 the day he came out, and man he was even better than I expected. The card can simply do it all! Why is he so cheap, I don't know. This is the best budget point guard in the game right now and it's not even close, best value as well. You will not find a card that does nearly what Chris Paul will do for you in this price range. I guarantee he is QUALITY. Definitely deserves this title.

Bought for: 10k MT but now he's dropped to around 7k which is absolutely ridiculous!


  • CP3 shoots even better than I thought. For any haters saying he can't make a shot they are COMPLETELY wrong, this card hits an insane amount of whites. Gold Range, Flexible, and Catch-and-Shoot with basically all the important shooting badges as well as a 90 3pt rating just takes him to another level from his ruby(which was already a nice budget card). Release is actually money, the green window feels like it's in a kind of weird spot but with time it'll be money. Even though I now have Zion, Cam, and AD as my TTO team I still tried running this card and he did not disappoint, even came up huge with a game-winning 3-pointer! Paul will not sell you in terms of hitting from beyond the arc.

  • Feels really nice driving to the basket, I definitely love that Pro 8 tween for rim-running. Gold QFS, Handles 4 Days, Unpluckable, you name it. Dude is simply a demi.

  • An ELITE defender with 94 lateral quickness + Gold Clamps, Heart Crusher, and Interceptor. That's more than enough to get it done on D. Paul actually gets super bumpy with that 90 on-ball steal tendency, 90 steal rating, and Gold Pick-pocket as well I've gotten quite a few random steals with him. Definitely locked up on the perimeter for me, you love to see it.

  • Of course he has some of the best passing you can ask for Gold Dimer and Floor General with a lot of others is huge because I often find myself driving with him, seeing a defender helping in, and kicking out for a wide open three. As your primary ball handler this is a part of his game that you'll definitely enjoy.


  • He definitely will not dunk at all for you, which really hurts his slashing game because he occasionally gets swatted or gets contested on seemingly-open layups. His Curry layup package is alright but nothing spectacular either I'm not a HUGE fan of those finishing animations, sometimes hard to time but he has Gold Pro Touch with a TON of other finishing badges so it is what it is.

  • No Downhill which is actually quite an important badge especially in triple threat, and it is somewhat noticeable in-game. But who cares when you have basically all the other playmaking badges possible...

  • He's a midget at 6'0 which obviously isn't a huge deal to most people but at times when matched up against taller players they just score layups right over him which is frustrating, probably also due to the fact that he doesn't come with Intimidator.

Recommended Strategy: I really don't need to put anything this card can do basically everything.

Other Comments: A card with all 3 of the most important badges in the game all on gold for 10k?!?!? Yeah you're dumb not to pick him up. Won't get outdated quickly because of it as well.

Use if: If you're on ANY kind of budget CP3 has to be one of your best options.

Don't use if: I don't see a reason why not some people don't like his jumper though I think it's nice.

Bottom Line: Stop wasting your time, go get this card for your squad!

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