'04 Andrei Kirilenko diamond card
94 Overall
  • 80 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 76 PLY
  • 80 ATH
  • 89 DEF
  • 86 REB

Ok 2k i see you

Written by void1505

i know theres already a review on this card but imma do my take on this card which i got today so with that in mind lets get to this review.

Cost: 71K


Defense: so imma start with this because this mans D is tanky like come on he has 17 Defensive badges with the important ones being Hof: intimidator, clamps ,and chase down and many other badges but with all that in mind where ganna talk about something i dont see people talk about much his tendencies ok he has an 85 ON BALL STEAL, 85 CONTEST SHOT, AN 85 BLOCK SHOT, AND AN 85 INTECEPTION. this is op im just ganna say that and it works he catchs everything steals eveything and blocks everything not only that but he can defend almost everyone with 95 perimeter and 80 Interior.


Scoring: im just ganna put both shooting and dunking here in one category ok and if your hesitant on getting this card for scoring i mean he can do it can he dunk yes can he shoot yes (put range on him its amazing) he can do both of them good but not well but again thats not what this card is for but dont go away from this card for its scoring because he can do it but if u want an elite scorer at the 3 or 4 than dont look at this card as being that


Strength: im going to make this short its a 70 strength i mean will he get beat out of the paint sometimes ehhh yes and no but what im trying to say is he wont bully people around in the paint and on some occasions he will get bullied in the paint so keep that in mind

Standing Dunk: Hes 6'9 and has a 55 standing dunk like come on do you need it no but its helpful and what im trying to say is that its too low and i wish it was higher

use if: you want a god Defender and a fairly good scorer

dont use if: you need an elite scorer and while an 88 3pt is really good and with his amazing jumper(its next to the PG release for me) he still doesn't have the proper badges to do it

strategy: run a sf because he can fairly score and has that lockdown D which forces your opponent (unless they have good PF and C scorers) to stay using there PG and SG players which you can isolate and focus on them.

bottom line: get this card his price is going down and if he gets to a fair price then get him id take his without badges for 60k to 50k but thats all i have for this card this was a shorter review because of it being Christmas and yes so have a happy holiday.

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