Paul George pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 80 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 72 REB

My top 5 card easy

Written by void1505

this card is beyond fantastic this card at least for me is a must have card for a god squad team its that good but dont take me for that let me show u the stats so with that lets get to the review

Cost: Ok i spend 246k on a pg with no contracts and no shoes so hes stupid expensive but also stupid worth it


Shooting: ok this man has a 91 three ball and gold range, its like 2k is just giving up on purpose like this cards shooting is insane i gave him gold flex and it makes even more of a difference and with that paired with his hotzones being everywhere its just i mean... he doesn't miss thats what im trying to say. he also has hof: catch an shoot, and tireless shooter. And his jumper is of the gods its fantastic and once you get it down you wont miss.

Dunking: he has a 95 driving with fantastic animations i mean what else do you need besides HOF CONTACT FINISHER 2k 2k 2k just y must you do this to us its an awesome card to have but to go against it i mean come on and with that paired with hof showtime and hof fastbreak finisher your team gets take so fast its stupid.

Playmaking: they gave this man hof qfs and this is overkill at this point hes soo fast with this you get to the basket in to time and with a 90 ball handle you can iso aswell which with a sf/pf being this versatile its great

Defense: the man has a 94 lateral and a 94 perimeter with gold clamps which means no one is running past you every or at least most of the time he also has heart crusher intimidator and interceptor which is also great badges to have and hof chase down, pogo, and lighting reflexes which for me is the cherry atop this op cake


I really dont see any maybe you could argue the interior d but i mean a 70 isnt bad

Strategy: run him anywhere i recommend playing him at sf but hell be fine a pf

use if: you have the mt

dont use: you dont have the mt

end thoughts: ik i didnt go over all his badges but i went over the important ones at the end of the day this man is laterally better reddish and if you run them together its deadly but hes just a flawless card in my eyes and when the price goes down its ganna be a good pickup and thats really all i have to say.

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