'08 Chris Webber opal card
97 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 88 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 90 REB

Tuff (Current Gen)

Written by Minotaur5422

This card is too crazy. I haven't had the pleasure of using Blake Griffin but this card is definitely a rival for best center in the game. Embry has no chance of comparing as well. I'm getting next gen so if requested, I wouldn't mind putting out a next gen review.

I believe this card has great longevity and can effectively play pf and center. But for now Center is the better move.

Bought for: 1 mil total (?)


  • Shooting: Best release for a big man I've used this far. Delay is crazy in current gen, but it's still difficult to not green. The only problem is that it'll cost a bit to put range on this card. There's no hot zones on the top of the key or wings, but that won't matter as much on next gen. Hot zones in the corner+ hof corner and catch= bucket. Deadeye also needs to be applied, but I feel like Chris shrugs off some of the contest anyway.

-Defense: Elite perimeter defender for a center. The Blake Griffins and Wayne Embrys will have a rough time scoring with Chris's hof intimidator and gold clamps. Interior defense is pretty solid with the hof intimidator, but Webber doesn't come with rim protector or post move lockdown . If you're thinking of getting this card (or going against it) keep this in mind. Lateral quickness is great for this stage of the game but I would get a shoe for him as better cards come out. I would rate his defense a 8/10 off rip, but add his badges he can be a 9-10/10 defender.

Playmaking: Good dribble moves, fast w or w/o ball, hof dimer, he's like a better Magic Johnson that plays center, but unlike Magic is actually useable at center (looking at you 2k20 amethyst Magic).

Rebounding: I don't know how but he can snatch over three people, hof worm, box, and rebound chaser makes this card elite on the glass. If you're playing against this card on unlimited make sure to box this man out because he'll get 11 boards on your head. PD Shaq is probably the only card that can fend off this card effectively, but Chris seems to react and move faster than Shaq on rebounds (from personal observations)

Post Moves: I don't like to play in the post, but Post spin technician and his fading is pretty elite. I can't say too much in this area because I'm more of a perimeter player.

Point Center ability : Run a iso or 5-out with Webber as the ball-handler and you'll most likely get a bucket. Hof Dimer makes it too easy to get an assist while dishing it out from a drive.


  • Lack of certain badges off-rip: Doesn't come with Range Extender, Showtime, Rim Protector, Post Move Lockdown, Handles For Days, Slithery Finisher, Deadeye, Downhill, Pogo Stick, Tireless Defender, or Interceptor. You can only apply 6 badges as well, so make sure to apply the badges you find most important. The most frustrating part is that Range extender, Deadeye, Handles for Days, and Showtime are pretty expensive. It's a heavy investment but the potential that Webber has after applying these badges is arguably worth it.

  • Finishing: I don't get that many driving contact dunks. He gets plenty of standing though. He gets decent contact layups, but I felt like it's a little underwhelming and some people might think it's a weakness.

-Locking in players: Magic and Manu are garbage.... KD and Hill are buckets though

Recommended Strategy: Iso, Pick and Pop, Off-ball screens, Cutter

Use if: You have the budget

Don't use if: You're too broke

Bottom Line: Jack of all trades center that will make any god squad for a long time. Honestly one of my favorite cards of all-time. What was 2k thinking when releasing this card?

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