'08 Chris Webber opal card
97 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 88 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 90 REB


Written by BENsimmionsTHEGOAT

This thing is scary. As in "should this even exist" levels of scary. He's a center with HOF Dimer, HOF Quick First Step and Needle threader. Has a ton of HOF badges that evenly spread out in all attributes. Finishing, playmaking, shooting, defense. With 86 speed and 81 speed with ball. 93 vertical and 80+ across the board on passing. This is basically a 6'11 guard. Thank god for position lock I'd actually be tempted to try that if this was 2K19. Then immediately message the poor sap who had to deal with it after and apologize.

Bought for: 95,000 MT


Inside scoring: Post game is elite. Fades, spinning, dropstep and hooks are solid. Animations are quick and fade is pretty easy to get down. He's also very good at Euro step and floaters like a guard. But with insane hops and 94 strength. Dunking animation are fast and he hammers them down quickly. Hard to block. He feels like a slashing SF. But... in the body of a center. With his speed he completely out runs other centers and often find him by himself under the rim while the defense is trying to get to him.

Shooting: So he doesn't have range extender which had me worried but I think if he did this would too OP. His 3pt shooting is great despite that. His release is really fast and has a nice green window. Mid-range if they sag off you for a second you can shoot it before they close you out and it's money. HOF difficult shots and catch n shoot can make him perfect for running 3pt plays with. I run Quick 1 Chest on Trail Blazer playbook for him and it's kinda cheesy since they have to switch cause only Bam can actually keep up with him. Yes that play is made for a SF but he does it fine. Which is nuts.

Rebounding: Absolutely elite rebounder. Snags boards no matter how taller the other center is. His vertical and leaping ability with his speed gets him easy rebounds. If you got shooters he'll grab a lot of big bouncing offensive rebounds and kick it out with good accuracy with his passing. Although I did notice he doesn't go for putbacks as much as I thought. Probably cause his tendency isn't as high as Malone.

Defense: I'm really surprised he doesn't have HOF intimidater... or any intimideter badge. They'll give Chris Paul and Stephen Curry intimidater but not Webber? 2K is high as hell. I almost didn't buy him simply for this reason. But he's still a good defender, he has the stats and rim protector. But he's especially great on faster guys like Bam. Of course his first game was against Bam and all that nutty stuff Bam does with his speed had absolutely no effect on Webber. CWeb was in his face every time. Blocking though... I feel like he doesn't go for many blocks despite the fact he has good stats. The problem is his tendency. Marc goes for blocks all the time but his tendency is higher. If you want to swat some shots into the next dimension you'll be controlling him to do it most of the time. He's also extremely good at steals. Not just intercepting passing lanes, literally on-ball steals like he's CP3 or something. He swipes at centers with bad ball handling and gets the fast break to himself.

Playmaking: He has HOF dimer, HOF needle threader, lob city passer and break starter. So he's a solid passer. I'm not sure why but my first game he threw two wild passes out of the double team but I think that was just bad luck cause usually he chucks it in the perfect spot like a true PG would most of the time. His speed and playmaking badges are also nuts. As mentioned... HOF quick first step. Just lethal. Weaknesses:

Tendencies: I don't like them. 20 contest shot. He doesn't go for blocks or putbacks as much as I'd like. He tends to give up on plays. You really need to be in the driver seat to feel how good this card is. I don't like off-balling with my center and swatting shots. I like playing on-ball defense but sometimes if I don't do it he disappears on defense. Maybe he'd be too OP with crazy tendencies. Maybe this is why he's not an opal given his stats make him look like one. But this is still a top tier card. Recommended Strategy: Pick n Roll/pop for easy 3pt shots or drives to the rim. Run 3pt plays, mid range, cutters. Whatever you want he'll accomplish it. Hell ISO with him and it will be disgustingly effective. Post up and put the work on bad post defenders. At PF he's does really well bullying smaller guys but I like him at center.

Other Comments: Give him a 3pt shoe to try to make up for the lack of range extender.

Use if: You want a PD version of Bam

Don't use if: You... I dunno he's pretty good.

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