LeBron James pinkdiamond card
95 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 87 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 71 REB


Written by DameDaGoat

Bought for: 5,000 MT


  • Living in Nba2kGod11's basement
  • Requesting that I give his son "bobux"
  • Thinking Dame is the best PG


  • Has poor taste in which player I should write the review for (should be Mikal Jardin or Dame)

Recommended Strategy: Run pick and pops with GO Baron Davis

Other Comments: Play some defense Roco

Use if: "You want an athletic playmaking Center

Don't use if: "You need a Center that supports the KKK"

Bottom Line: James Worthy

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