Lonzo Ball pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 83 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 95 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 89 DEF
  • 68 REB

Point god

Written by 76process

Hello everyone today I will be doing a review on pink diamond Lonzo Ball. This is my first review since 2k20 myteam where I did quite a few, I’m not sure how active this site still is but figured I would write some reviews anyway this being the first. I mostly due Budget cards being I'm NMS but I’ll also do some higher up ones just to test them out.

Bought for- I packed him out of buying one pack with some left over VC from my career still can’t Believe it probably only the second pink diamond I’ve ever pulled out of a single since playing in 2k18

Experience- 2 Unlimited and 3 TTO games


Shooting- 93 3 ball good release and HOF flexible release make this card reliable from 3. He can constantly hit shots and I really like his release really nice off the snatch back too. Wouldn’t recommend catch and shoot but that’s not why you get Lonzo anyway so shouldn’t be an issue

Defense / Size- This being one of the biggest benefits of the card Ball being 6”6 really helps a lot he can easily defend 1s and 2s and can hang with some 3s giving him a lot of versatility on the defensive end. It also helps him bully smaller point guards on offense. His post game isn’t good unfortunately but Lonzo can still bully guys on the inside. His defense on the perimeter is just amazing he doesn’t get as many steals as I’d think but he clamps up almost everyone he can really change the game on defense even without steals

Playmaking- This is probably why you get this card the guys got the badges and can set up anyone with dimes. HOF needle threader with HOF dimer really allows for him to make any kind of pass wether it’s wide open or tight window and 98 pass accuracy is insane. He can set up anyone anywhere.

Driving- He’s really good at getting to the rim and does it pretty constantly for me, HOF QFS with his good dunk layup and draw foul ratings allow him to attack finish and get to the line pretty well for me. His size also allows for him to bully smaller guards on the way to the rim pretty easily

Handles- I’m not much of a dribbler in this game I know a few basic moves but Lonzo is reliable with his moves he’s got some HOF badges and he very rarely gets stripped which is nice, can freeze a defender and make a move towards the basket he’s got great speed with ball too which helps a lot of crossovers

Transition offense- One of the more underrated things about this card dude is deadly in transition because of his passing and snatch back 3 as mentioned earlier run the floor with him and you’re probably getting a bucket his speed allows him to zoom down the floor and leave the defense scrambling.


None I can really think of honestly he does everything pretty damn good

Disclaimer- I will be selling Lonzo for the sole reason of having Ben Simmons and being a sixers fan if it wasn’t for that I’d keep him easily.

Get if- you want an all around point guard that can do it all and lead your team

Don’t get if- you insist on throwing up 3s with your PG. you can do that with Lonzo but it’s not his game

Strategy- surround him with shooters and an athletic big man and go to work

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