'98 Bryon Russell ruby card
89 Overall
  • 71 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 72 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 80 DEF
  • 56 REB

3 and D

Written by 76process

Hey guys today I will be doing a quick review on Bryon Russell. I say quick because the title is pretty self explanatory to what you’re getting

Bought for- 1500 MT (XBOX current Gen)

Experience- 3 TTO games and 1 unlimited game


Defense- Russell is clamps plain and simple alot of guys have good defensive stats but don’t always clamps up Russell does. Being 6”8 obviously helps (more on this later) and once he’s evod he gets HOF clamps his frame and build allow him to hang with anyone. He’s yet to be dropped off and he’s played some good players including PD Jimmy and Diamond Durant.

Versatility- his size allows him to play the 2 and 3 and he can even guard some 4s. Don’t be scared to switch on screens Russell can probaly handle it if it’s a PF his size at the 2 is a big boost especially if you’re playing a zone defense.

Average things about Russell

Shooting- I say average solely because of release it’s a little slow like his rating his great at 93 and gets HOF catch and shoot at evo if he’s open and you have his release down he’s butter just not the guy you want spraying in someone’s face.

For those wondering also the evo is 50 3s and 25 steals so not too bad at all

Driving wise he’s not great but he’s not awful gets 89 layup with evo but he’s not a guy you wanna be consistently attacking with

Player comp- Amethyst klay but worse at shooting and better at defense IMO ofc

Get if- you want a 3 and D that you can play in any lineup and can be a glue guy he’s not a 1 where you can run your team through but he can be a crucial role player

Don’t get if- you need a superstar or have a god squad or really really can’t do a slow release

Bottom line- for my fellow budget ballers I recommend getting this guy he does 2 things well but those 2 things can make a big difference in a close game.

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    when evod hes a god i would have him higher then 3 stars because he is a top 5 budget card in the game , good review


    For reference reason I gave this 3 stars is just because of his overall game outside of 3 and D in terms of 3 and D he’s a 4 star player and very much worth the pickup