Ben Simmons pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 73 OUT
  • 91 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 83 REB

A guy you can build around

Written by 76process

Hello everyone today I will be doing a review on Pink diamond Ben Simmons. I mentioned in my Lonzo review that the only reason I didn’t keep Lonzo was because of Ben and it’s not just because I’m a sixers fan. Ben is a guy that wreaks havoc on both ends I know the cards been out for a little but wanted to do a review anyway, enjoy!!

Bought for- 118K MT (Xbox current Gen) I’m NMS and had MT saved up figured Ben would be a guy to spend it on

Experience- multiple triple threat games and a game of unlimited


Playmaking- Ben Simmons is one of the games elite passers and this card does that justice . 92 pass accuracy with an array of playmaking badges including HOF dime and floor general he runs the floor amazing and can hit anyone and I’ve noticed I’m making more 3s with him on the floor. Ben is a guy you can and should run the offense through

Slashing- This is the best slashing card I’ve used this year hands down and the best in a while. Bens size allows him to body any smaller players and he gets some crazy animations and finishes and 97 draw foul allows him to get to the line a lot. I really can’t emphasize enough how good his slashing is attack the basket and he will score.

Versatility/Defense- He can guard anyone 1-4 no questions asked and can even hang with some 5s quite a few actually. His body frame and lay quickness allows him to stay in front of people so he rarely gets beat. You can switch him onto anyone including centers which is such a luxury especially with a PG. he also gets a ton of steals and blocks you’re really never out of the play with Ben even when he’s beat he has length to recover and at the very least contest the shot if not force a TO and he reads lanes so well his length makes cross court passes a nightmare for opponents

Mid range- 84 rating solid release can hit pretty often. Great to use when opponent sags off just walk up and hit the mid range It really forced Opponents to step up.

Transition game- He runs the floor so well and is almost impossible to stop at full steam HOF downhill comes in clutch while running the break. If they double kick out to shooter and if they don’t enjoy your points. Try to run with this card as much as possible. Also worth noting here he can weave in and out so good with his crossovers he gets in and out of lanes so good

Post game- He bullies smaller guards and has a beautiful post hook animation you can run your half court sets through his post game

He’s a 1- what I mean by this is you can build your team around Ben and you can’t say that for everyone. Is he gonna be your primary scorer all the time? Maybe not but his skill set allows you to build a team Specifically for him which is crucial when you’re paying 100k +


3 Ball- just don’t, I’ve seen some people hit from corners but it’s just not worth taking them constantly

Acceleration- this sounds weird being it’s a 95 rating but sometimes it does feel like it. At times I feel like it takes him a little to get going but that could be because he’s 6”10

Offball offense- sometimes Ben can seem a little of our place if he doesn’t have the ball in his hand but If you run some motions with him it’s not as bad.

Get if- you want an elite PG that does everything elite on both sides of the ball besides the 3 ball

Don’t get if- you love to splash 3s with your PG or if you absolutely need to play through a post center as I said Ben isn’t great off ball

Strategy- surround Ben with 3 and d players and guys that can run the break and just dominate the game your best bet is getting out in transition and just destroying the other team with bens skill set. Post up, drive, throw lobs and kick-outs to shooters.

Bottom line- this guys elite and he is worth every bit of MT If you’re NMS and wanna save MT for someone this guy is more than worth it and is one of the elite cards in the game.

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