Stephen Curry diamond card
94 Overall
  • 80 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 91 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 52 REB

Offline Cheat Code

Written by Nba2kGod11

I'm (FINALLY) back with another review today, because this Diamond Curry card was WAY better than I expected. He was literally a cheat code as I grinded Triple Threat Offline for Terry Dischinger, and it made the games go by much faster. I expected to sell him back after I was done which I did, but I'm even considering buying him back next week. Shows how well Curry performed when I used him! Let's get into the review:

Bought for: 80k MT


  • The dude makes everything open, especially on lower difficulties. Curry simply does not miss! He comes with important shooting badges like HOF RANGE, Catch-and-Shoot, Deadeye, Gold Clutch Shooter(heavily underrated in TTO), Flexible(helps him make every white), and Hot-Zone Hunter (with hot zones everywhere outside the 3pt line). Has basically every shooting badge in the game, with the exception of Blinders if you're on next gen which can be applied. 95 3pt is basically perfect. His release is simply butter too, trust me. I've used Monta, Fultz, and Rudy, who all have Curry base, but none of their jumpshots have felt quite as smooth as Curry himself's.

Now pair this with the CURRY SLIDE, arguably the most overpowered dribble move in the game, and you're not stopping him from getting his buckets from deep. The fact that he also has Gold Handles 4 Days means you can even spam it a few times for more space, a deadly combination. If you're playing against the CPU, dribbling up the floor and Curry sliding into a 3 works every time.

Another part to mention about his 3-hunting abilities is the fact that he has the Pro 2 tween, which might be my favorite(I'm a fan of Pro 8 too) in the game. It gives a quick change of direction, so you can hit it once and run to the side for a peekaboo three. Curry's release is so fast that it won't get contested either. I find this method very effective for this card. Chef Curry can straight up cook people!

  • Steph's actually really fast with 92 speed w/ball and can slash when necessary. Gold Quick First Step, Downhill, and Unpluckable and he moves pretty well too. While I wouldn't say this is his primary skillset on offense late in the shot clock he will take advantage of an open lane to the basket.

Curry comes with nearly every playmaking badge in the game including Gold Dimer and Floor General so if he gets too much attention on the perimeter or on the drive he will make your opponent pay.

  • Believe it or not Steph isn't even a bad defender. With Gold CLAMPS , Interceptor, and Pick-Pocket, he's still a passable defender in most situations. Watch out for taller PGs like Bonga in the future though.

  • Decent finishing, 94 driving layup with some great finishing badges and his layup package is a lot better than I thought. Occasionally gets some surprising dunks as well.


  • While 65 driving dunk definitely feels higher on this card, he's still no Drose, Westbrook, or Stockton in terms of dunking. I wouldn't say this is too big a problem though since you should be mainly using this card to hit from deep.

  • I will say the downgrade in lateral quickness and steal from this card compared to the PD is definitely noticeable, along with the fact that he's only 6'3 he's not an elite defender in my opinion.

Recommended Strategy: 3-hunt, 3-hunt, 3-hunt. That's what this card is best at. Look for opportunities with the Curry slide it will make your opponent frustrated because they can't guard it at times.

Other Comments: As most of you know he is basically the PD, who is still regarded as one of the elite PGs in the game. I will say Lonzo is probably better(and only 10k MT more) at least on current gen.

Use if: You look to shoot 3s with your point guard on every possession or want arguably the best offline card in the game.

Don't use if: You need someone to consistently get contact dunks and rim-run as a priority.

Bottom Line: Incredible card for a buyout, for certain playstyles you really can't get much better.

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