Smush Parker ruby card
89 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 88 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 82 DEF
  • 48 REB

better baron

Written by void1505

Its been awhile since ive done a review and today imma do 3 which include this, shawn marion, and kenyon martin all god cards that are ganna be fun to review but anyway lets get to the review

Cost: 14k ruby- 17k amethest get the ruby it takes like one game and your done with the evo and you save some money and yes 14k for this ruby is very much worth it

Talk: this reviews ganna be different bc i just wanna talk about this card first of all imma talk mostly about his amethest and yea. first off ive played since the beginning of this 2k myteam and have used about 60% of the cards in the game with the other 40% bing too expensive or klay Thompson bc that card be wayyyy to pricy. anyway what im trying to say is ive use alot of PG's before and man this is my top 5 PG's in the game for me and my playstyle. hes just so good hes got 50 gold badges all together and 1 hof just really good. now ik what yall ganna say "well baron davis and other pink diamonds have more hof badges" and you would be completely correct but badges dont always make the card now of course they are a massive part of y i want to get a card but the animations is why ill take this over baron. his jumper is tmac base and is stupid fast, his dunking which is prob the biggest difference between these two are fantastic and he has showtime which is even better. his dribbleing is almost identical to baron davis, hes 6'4 and pretty cheap for the value. and stat wise his evo gives him a 90 3pt which is perfect a 90 driving dunk angain perfect a 94 speed an 90 perimeter and lateral. now hes no lonzo or j lin but he is a great budget a card i would take over anything below lonzo or j lin. im so high on this card and personally i think you should get him bc y not hes cheap for what he is and he can go (at least in my experience) toe to toe with the best and put up a good fight. this is my review ik its very very sloppy but this time rather than tell u about what u can already look at in the website i just wanted to tell u how i feel about this card and how for me has stacked up with the best of them.

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