Yi Jianlian diamond card
94 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 66 PLY
  • 84 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 91 REB

Best Value Center

Written by TheRedbomb

This card is really nice, he is a great starting center for my team so I decided to make a review for those hesitant on buying him.

Bought for: 30,000 MT (he might go for less know I bought him like 3 days ago)


  • 3pt - he has a fire jumper and even when you mistime releases he makes it. I've been playing unlimited more recently for fun and he's missed like 3 threes, and all of them were contested well. His jumper is so nice.

  • Rebounding - he's 7foot so this should be obvious. But idk he just gets a lot of rebounds for me. Like some centers just get boards because they're centers and that's kinda their job but he rebounds well, even though he doesn't box out much.

  • Blocking - he blocks a lot of shots, that's all.

  • Speed - surprisingly fast for a 7 footer. He is perfect for fastbreaks because you can just lob it up to him.


  • Steals - not a big deal but he sometimes misses easy steals but everyone does so this is just minor.

  • Finishing - not necessarily bad but he's better at 3pt shooting than posting up and getting contact dunks and such.

  • Playmaking - he's a center so who cares.

Recommended Strategy: Pick and Pop, he's a demon with pick and pop. Good for 5out as well because he's a good shooter.

Other Comments: Don't use at Power Forward.

Use if: You want a good shooter at center.

Don't use if: You want a post-dominant center that will be able to obliterate opposing centers (ex: Joel Embiid)

Bottom Line: Best value center in the game. (This is the first review I've done tell me how I've did)

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