'04 Karl Malone pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 77 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 91 DEF
  • 94 REB

Top Tier Card not Hum

Written by RapsAndCalvinMurphySuperFan

Hello, t00pac here and I want to do a review on Karl Malone because of how good value he is and how good all around he is.

Bought for: 38k MT


  • Rim running: This dude dunks on everybody! He has HOF Qfs, Downhill, Showtime, Contact finisher, you name it he has almost every finishing badge. His sigs are also pretty good for a big man, he has OP dunk animations and a really high vertical.

  • Shooting: Shooting isn’t his best stat by any means, but for a player like Karl it’s pretty good. With a bunch of gold badges for shooting and a decent release (Similar to Base 10 and Charles Oakley base) He is a pretty knockdown shooter.

  • Defence: Malone has so many HoF badges for defending and great stats like 86 lateral quickness, or a 90 block (comparable to PD Demarcus Cousins on defence)

  • Post game: He has lots of post badges on HoF and if you know how to use the post, this guy is lethal because he has the nastiest Post animations in the game and insane stats for it.

  • Rebounding: 94 is both stats for rebounding and he has HoF rebound chaser and worm which means this guy isn’t giving up any rebounds any time soon.


  • Height: 6’9 isn’t ideal for a center, but you can make it work and I prefer him at the PF position.

Recommended Strategy: Rim run, Catch and Shoot, Post up

Use if: You want a good all around center for good value

Don't use if: You hate pedos, have a god squad or don’t have the T

Bottom Line: "Great value for money, nice player to use while building up your team."

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