'88 Malik Sealy pinkdiamond card
95 Overall
  • 93 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 76 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 72 REB

Absolutely insane

Written by 76process

Hello everyone Today I will be doing a review on pink diamond Malik Sealy and as you can tell from the title he’s just ridiculous

Bought for- 27K MT (Xbox current Gen)

I’m generally an MT hoarder being NMS but I wanted to get sealy and try him out, he is now undoubtedly making the squad and will be here for a while

Experience- 1 unlimited and 2 TTO


Shooting- Release is ray allens on quick and it is butter he’s great off the catch and shoot and as you can tell has good badges. Worth noting he’s better off the catch than the dribble great spot up shooter and great in TTO rarely misses. Also noting, once you time the release it’s over it’s super smooth once you get it down.

Badges- just take a look and you’ll see HOF CLAMPS HOF catch and shoot HOF contact and many others card is loaded with badges

Defense- guy is legitimately one of the best defensive cards in the game IMO. Don’t be fooled by the steal rating of 85 his tendencies are insane. 95 on ball steal and 95 interception tendency. He gets steals occasionally but this card is just shutdown. He can easily guard 1-3 and some 4s his body type allows for you to keep in front of your man and not get beat. He’s rarely beat and just seems to be on everything the only times I’ve rarely been beat with him are buy smaller guards. But generally he’s never beat and is amazing at intercepting passes he can really disrupt another players flow with his 7”3 wingspan which is just ridiculous in game

Dunking- you see the ratings you see the badges guy just slams on people for me. Being 6”8 he just soars over everyone and gets the bucket he draws an okay amount of fouls also

Versatility- he’s a 6”8 two guard he can play the 2 or 3 and guard almost anyone

Fit- he fits on any team, you want a dunker? Sealy. You want a shooter? Sealy. You want a clamp demon? Sealy. Dude can do it all

Price- I think this card is more than worth it. He’s going for around 30k and he needs to be on your squad especially my fellow NMS players so we can compete with the other OP cards Sealy can more than hold his own. I generally don’t spend MT a lot but had to for Sealy.


Really nothing I could nitpick but I really can’t with this guy

Player comp- can’t take credit for this one because 2 guys already said it in the comments he’s like a Kawhi Leonard he gives you a lot of what opal Kawhi does. Shooting, defense, slashing and player build

Get if- you want an all around stud that can stand the test of time and be valuable for the most of the year

Don’t get if- idk, even if you have a god squad I think this dude can be on those teams.

Bottom line- one of the best cards I’ve used in a while I usually have a favorite card or two every year and I think Sealy is gonna be that guy by the end of the year.

Thanks for reading the review if you guys have any cards you would like me to review lmk specially NMS cards

Side note - RIP Malik Sealy found out he passed away while playing for Minnesota

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