Paul George diamond card
92 Overall
  • 75 INS
  • 81 OUT
  • 76 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 62 REB

All-Around Beast!!!

Written by Nba2kGod11

This Diamond PG13 that just came out today looks amazing, one of the best two-way guys in the game.

Bought for: 150k, not worth buying rn, but if he drops to under 90k PG might honestly be worth it.


  • Shooting: With an 83 3pt + a ton of badges, 2k made OKC PG an elite shooter(unlike ahem, Pandemic P). Some of the important ones include gold catch-and-shoot + deadeye(important if you use him as a cone), gold difficult shots(will help you out a ton if you want to create with him, honestly one of the most important badges in the game rn), and bronze green machine + flexible release + hot-zone hunter. PG's got a TON of hot zones as well. The release is still Paul George Base and upper, which was money last year and probably still is this year. Overall you can rely on this card to cash in open 3s for you.

  • Defense: The D on this card might be his biggest strength. First off, he's a 6'9 SF/PF, which is really good at this point in the game. 89 perimeter defense, 90 lateral quickness, and 86 steal are some elite stats as well. However, PG's badges just make him a different animal on D. He's got HOF Pogo, Gold CLAMPS, interceptor, and pick-dodger. Bronze intimidator and even more badges only makes him better. Paul George might honestly be the best defensive wing in the game.

  • Slashing: 86 speed + acceleration, 83 speed w/ball, and 86 ball handle along with silver QFS will get the job done. Also has Pro 5 BtB which might be the best in the game. With the amount of slow, non-clamps PFs there are right now, PG will be able to burn people for easy dunks.

  • Finishing: 90 driving dunk, 95 vertical, and 90 driving dunk + flashy dunk tendencies are nasty, he'll get crazy posters. 87 driving layup and a lot of finishing badges as well. PG has to be in the conversation of the best finishers in the game.


  • Rebounding: With Ovr rebounding of 62(no badges) he won't snag boards too consistently, however rebounding stats don't matter too much this year it's more about height, which this card definitely has.

  • Interior Defense: 65 strength, 70 interior d, 50 block?? Nah just don't play him at PF trust me.

  • No Range

Recommended Strategy: Play him at SF, use as a cone that will just hit open catch-and-shoot and play lockdown defense. However if you have no one better to run your offense through, PG can do the job just fine with his slashing and handling abilities.

Other Comments: If he's going for over 100k I would wait. This card is very similar to the Diamond PG we had last year, that was super cheesy.

Use if: You want arguably the best auctionable SF in the game, someone that can do it all.

Don't use if: "You don't want to spend the MT or hate PG base."

Bottom Line: GOAT

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