D'Angelo Russell pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 87 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 92 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 64 REB

This card is slept on...

Written by vStrapaholic

Ahhh, D'Angelo Russel. Used to play for my Lakers but he's gone now...This card is a beast, and I swear he's clutch in-game like real life. The card can move like a 2k19 Amy Hedo (okay maybe a step below Hedo, but he's God-like if you know what you are doing), he has Kyrie base which has a slight hitch but it's really ab over-exaggerated release cue for meter off-guys. Not many people talk about this card which is kind of sad. He's got really got length for a point guard too! This is late review bu hopefully this convinces people to get him before it's too late...

Bought for: Free. Just complete Arenas and Pat Bev's Play MyTeam Challenge set.


  • Inside scoring: Contact dunks with floor general, coach, or shoe. (any combo of those 3 should work) and he has showtime dunks
  • Shooting: Da boi gotta strap and you can't deny it (99 3 with FG, a decent coach, and/or a 3pt shoe)
  • Playmaking: For all you screen abusing motherfu-.... folks out there yes, he can peek-a-boo. Curry Slide, QFS, Handles for Days, etc. -Defense: This card can sit-down honestly with solid defensive tendencies

Weaknesses: -He needs showtime -Kyrie Base is a very mid release and he needs flexible release -He needs Intimidator and a lateral quickness shoe and his tendencies are solid, not amazing -I do NOT recommend running him at the 2 because he's only 6'5 and has a skinny player build but you probably could make it work.

Recommended Strategy: "3 hunt, 3 hunt, 3 HUNT!!! 5-Out rim running works too. You can flashy pass whoever your opponent helps off of or just take the dunk."

Examples: Hawks 2018

Other Comments: (optional) "The dude would be a B-Tier combo guard already but he's FREE so that makes him even better. S/o all my fellow No Money Spent fellas out there."

I give this card a Certified S T R A P rating of 88.3 but he gets a 1 point bonus because he's free (89.3)

Use if: "You want a tall(er) Pg who can give you a lot on offense and is above average on defense. And if you have Arenas and Pat Bev done."

Don't use if: "You need a pure lockdown or you don't have time to kill to get him."

Bottom Line: "Great value for money, nice player to use while building up your team."

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    I like how this review has 6 likes and no comments lol great review though


    Love this card my guy. His Diamond moments card from 2k19 is my favorite myteam card ever. I would be dropping 40-50 easily and even put up 93 points with him on a buddy. That being said, I love this 2k21 card. Great slasher, can finish through contact, and is an absolute sniper. His defense isn't great because he's so skinny, but its not terrible. His movement is classss especially if you have experience with him. His release is mid and definitely doesn't feel like it did in 2k19, but overall think this card is a menace.