Hassan Whiteside ruby card
89 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 64 OUT
  • 45 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 98 REB

Absolute Garbage Smh

Written by GoatBook#1

I recently just bought Hassan and I stuck him in the 6th man position. I wanted to see his extraordinary rebounding and it was perfect but when I stuck and mid range the jump shot is so clunky, too clunky, and try to guess what happened? Yep It airballed. Wtf, disrespect 2k. He also has limited flashy dunk packages, all I can do with him is regular dunks I try flashy dunks and it doesn't work, he can alley-oop to self though. So I played TTO (offline because online is to op) and I could posterise everyone with fouls though I did try an open three and it airballed. 1/6 3pt fg 4/10 fg 9 points 4 rebounds 0 assists 0 steals. I finally greened a three pointer excruciating hard.

Bought for: 15,000 MT


  • 85 driving dunk and 95 standing dunk is too op
  • destroys 7ft2-1 C with rebounding


  • 39 3 ball
  • 79 mid
  • 45 free throw
  • 66 overall durability (mine got injured too)
  • 45 playmaking (yeah I see C's with al 56 pm)

Recommended Strategy: "Rebounding,isolation (to dunk and free up space) "

Other Comments: "Doesn't have the usual set of plays, might not be good if you normally run plays for your C"

Use if: "You want an athletic rebounding C"

Don't use if: "You need good shooting or playmaking"

Bottom Line: "Bad value for money should be 5,000 mt, mediocre to use while building up your team."

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