'01 Ron Harper opal card
98 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 85 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 46 REB

Better Opal Magic?

Written by vStrapaholic

Yo, Strap here. I was doing tto challenges for xp and accidentally got him. I gave him a try seeing as my pg's are Haliburton and D-Lo and I have been looking for an upgrade. I was skeptical at first because I saw his release on 2kDB and was like "Yeah, he's dirt." Then I watched Ty play with him and decided I would give him a few games to prove himself. And this card is RIDICULOUS.

Bought for: Free (Triple Threat Online Ball Drop Reward)


-Finishing: Your opponents stand no chance with Ron's finishing badges (Hof showtime, acrobat, contact finisher, etc.)

-Shooting: HEAR ME OUT...Manu on Very Quick is a B-Tier release. I'm saying it because it's not only usable, but it's actually nice. It's no worse than jump shot 4 which is Opal D-Mitch jumper. He comes with Hof Catch and Shoot, Hzh, as well as gold range, flexible, corner specialist and green machine. I gave mine bronze dead-eye (which statistically works better than Hof deadeye), and bronze volume (which statistically works better than hof volume.) The man can SHOOT. Add a shoe + Frank Vogel + Hof Floor general and Ron has a 98 3 pt!!!

-Playmaking: Everything you need except bailout. Curry slide and usable full-court sigs.

-Defense: Best defensive point guard in the game without question. On-Ball, off-ball, Lavar Ball, it does not matter. He is a BOX BOI. I've watched dudes' offense breakdown bc they weren't able to speed-boost/burst past Ron without getting '[Late] [78% Contested]' popping up. I put post-move lockdown on mine so he's not getting drop stepped or anything dumb like that. And he plays lanes like a TOTAL BEAST. https://2kdb.net/player/2k21/ron-harper/9144

-Height/Athleticism: 6'6" with a 6'9" Wingspan, 96 speed, 96 Acceleration, and an 89 STRENGTH ON A POINT GUARD!!!

Weaknesses: -Only Gold Range -Full court sigs aren't crazy good but they are definitely usuable.

Recommended Strategy: 5. OUT. 3. HUNT. RIM. RUN.

Examples: Hawks 2018

Other Comments: (optional) "He is a shorter Opal Magic that's better at everything except post offense (which was patched so post hooking is basically dead and no longer matters.)

I give this card a Certified S T R A P rating of: 96.3

Use if: "You want a do-it-all lockdown GOD."

Don't use if: "You HATE Triple Threat Online and Kobe and Grant Hill are your pg's."

Bottom Line: "Bro he was a pleasant surprise and is a great player in general. I urge you to get Ron before he is removed from the TTO boards. HE IS AMAZING."

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    great review, i have been trying to get him since he came out, i have seen him twice and im 0-11 with him on the board (i did the glitch but lost my next 2 games on 1 of my runs) i was kinda mad because my pg rn is pd lonzo who is perfect for my playstyle and harper is just better lonzo


    Thx! You'll get him bro just keep trying.


    Yeh hopefully