Tyson Chandler ruby card
88 Overall
  • 74 INS
  • 50 OUT
  • 36 PLY
  • 79 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 91 REB


Written by vStrapaholic

As you know this is the second edition of tips and tricks so let's jump right in. (Note: Some of this information may be common knowledge to some but is largely unknown. This information has been verified by 2k Labs and/or your favorite myteam YouTubers.)

-Jumpshot 36 is unusable unless it's on very quick.

-Do not buy cards on Thursday.

-Sell cards on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.

-For the love of God please don't open packs. 2k always wins.

-(Current gen only) Pg's under 6'4" do NOT work competitively.

-When buying stock in a card (buying a lot of one card and selling them for profit), do NOT invest in smaller pg's. Cards like Trae young will drop 15k in 6 hours if your not careful.

Don't have a lot of mt? The following are cheap GOD's under 20k

-Point Gaurds:

Tyrese Haiburton:13k

Iman Shumpert: 15k

Spencer Dinwiddie :15k

Kirk Hinrich: 6k

Smush Parker (amythest): 10k

Jarett Jack (amythest): 4.5k

Dennis Smith jr: 8k

Baron Davis: 4k

-Shooting Guards:

Felipe Lopez: 3k (run him at pg)

Kevin Porter jr.: 6k

Lionel Simmons: 13k

Cuttino Mobley: 18k (run him at pg)

Klay Thompson (Diamond): 14k

Quentin Richardson: 8k

Dale Ellis: 12k

Rudy Fernandez: 9k

Malik Sealy: 8-15k (he fluctuates a lot)

Bruce Bowen: (Pink Diamond) FREE (look up the Bruce Bowen challenges on youtube. You'll get him in an hour of grinding)


Michael Porter jr: 3k

Brian Scalabrine 1.6k

Paul George (pink diamond): 16k

Brent Barry: 1.7k

Bryon Russell (amythest): 3-5k

Austin Crosshere: 1.9k-3k

Al Harrington: 2k

Glenn Robinson III: 2.6k

LaMelo Ball: 9k

Jeff Green: 6k

Hakim Warrick: 15-17k

Kelly Oubre Jr. (pink diamond): FREE(look up the Kelly Oubre Jr. challenges on youtube. You'll get him in an hour of grinding)

Richard Dumas: 17k

Andrew Wiggins (pink diamond): 15k-20K


Maxi Kleber: 5.5k-7.5k

Shawn Kemp (diamond): 3.2k-4k

Andrea Bargiani (diamond): 7k

Dino Radja: 7k

Marvin Bagley III: 10k

Dwight Howard: 5k

Marc Gasol: 4-7k

Jaren Jackson Jr. Pink Diamond: FREE (look up the Jaren Jackson Jr. challenges on youtube. You'll get him in an hour of grinding)

Magic Johnson (Pink Diamond, Out of Position): 18k

-If you get a reward you like in Triple Threat Online, you can save it and GUARANTEE you get it: https://youtu.be/NgEbKa8b5I0

-If you get down in unlimited it's ok. Stay calm. Your opponent hits a couple 3's so what? If your down less than 10, keep playing. Tips to help you get back in the game or even use these from the start:

-Full court press

-Hold B or Square to have a ball handler come get the ball instead of throwing a wayward pass

-If your low in the shot clock, have ANYBODY cut backdoor by holding Y or Triangle for easy buckets.

-On defense, if there's one shot you give up, give up deep midrange shots.

-Call for pick and pops on offense for your big Man to get open for a 3.

-On the fast break have a player with the flashy passer badge flashy pass to a player with showtime. Hold down on the right-stick for a showtime dunk. Now you're over halfway to takeover!

Lmk if you want any more reviews or a part 3! And while you're here go check my Ron Harper review and Part 1 of tips and tricks...

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