Jayson Tatum opal card
97 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 93 OUT
  • 82 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 83 REB

Welcome to 2kMT Central!

Written by vStrapaholic

Hi! If you are reading this you must have just made an account or are just bored. Well, welcome to this site! Imma keep it a stack: this place is kind of hell-hole. It's like Twitter for edgy 12 y/o. There is a good bit of NSFW material (nudity, death, making fun of national tragedies, and loooooootsssss of racism). But this site's not all bad! In fact, I've been an anonymous person on this site since 2018 and made a couple of accounts here and there. This site used to be amazing! Interactive forums, awesome created cards, and chill people. The trolls that did surface were swiftly put down by the now-inactive moderators. You'll like it here, I promise. No, really it's not as bad as it sounds. Just don't contribute to the problem. Don't acknowledge trolls because at the end of the day they just want attention. Don't make alternate accounts just to upvote a card you made or downvote somebody's comment. Just hang out, talk to folks, make lineups, and have fun. A lot of people take this site way too seriously (bruh you know who you are) and live/die but what people say on here. And if you ever want a free follower, somebody to talk to, want lineup suggestions, or just like me for whatever reason, then follow me. I follow back unless you do something SUPREMELY messed up. Well, that's all I guess. Dm me or anybody popular on this site (you'll figure out who they are because they always have a bunch of upvotes under player/card comments), if you have any questions!

God Bless ya, Strap

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