'06 Hakim Warrick pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 81 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 91 REB

A budget monster card. Sleeper

Written by BadmonTing

Do not sleep on this card! This is one of the best cards in the game for a pink diamond. The only downfall of this card is that he doesn't power down dunks against opponents like you would in real life. But as a slasher he's one of the best dunkers in the game. He also has a three-point shot. I play him at the three but he makes for a good power forward. I put them in my starting lineup to go against the domination mystery domination I should say. He's incredible. Warrick is a sleeper and he's very cheap.

Bought for: 25,000 MT


  • an incredible slasher.
  • surprisingly has a three-point shot with a shoe.
  • a good block shotter on the wing
  • an amazing dunker especially in the open court


  • 2K could have made him a better dunker especially against opponents. Warrick is one of the best dunkers in NBA history. Perhaps a top 10 dunker in all of NBA history. But 2K made him a little weak in that department. But you still one of the best dunkers in the game.
  • he could be a little stronger he doesn't have much strength.

-he doesn't have a headband on. For some reason 2K decided to remove his headband. I don't think Hakim Warrick has ever played a basketball game without his headband.

Recommended Strategy: you have to really know how to use warrick. Again I put them on the wing at the three sometimes I play them at the four. But I don't score with him. I run a guard oriented team. But how can work does all the little things that I need. And when he's running the open floor he's amazing it's showtime..

Use if: if you want to slashing power forward or small forward who was power down an amazing dunk in the open floor.

Don't use if: don't use if you're a cheeser who constantly chucks threes, like every cheeser on 2K21.

Bottom Line: last year Warrick was a diamond and he was extremely good. This year he's a pink diamond a little water down then his previous card last year but he's still incredible and you can pick him up for less than 10,000 Mt. Don't sleep on Hak AKA the Helicopter Man. Last year I said how come they don't have Hakim Warwick on the game? And the next day 2K put a diamond Warrick in in the game. This year is back and do not sleep on him. Also he's a national champion for the 2003 Syracuse Orangemen.

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