Jimmy Butler opal card
97 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 83 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 89 DEF
  • 57 REB

IRL Player Reviews 6

Written by Jamal_TheBest476

A Player who can drop 36 in a finals game, but then drop 12? Let's talk about Jimmy Butler. Strengths: Jimmy is a very good on-ball creator for him and his teammates, I have an unpopular opinion but I think 76ers Jimmy is the best Jimmy we have ever seen! He shot the three the best and was able to playmaking and play defense just as well! Jimmy is great at attacking the rim or pulling up for the mid-range, he also has great vision to pass out of double teams. I love his defense and he is one of the best 2-way guards in the NBA! I like Jimmy as a 1st option but I think he would be best as a 2nd option. He knows how to be a great Leader, only sitting out 47 seconds in game 3 of the NBA Finals! He is great for the young guys to understand

Weaknesses: This season Jimmy has shot around 25% from three and that's not okay, He needs to stop shooting shots he can't, Giannis even shoots higher than that. Besides the three shooting, I can't find another weakness for Jimmy's game

Recommended Strategy: I would sag off because if you give him any chance to attack or shoot the mid without contest it is going in every time, but if Jimmy starts hitting from there he will be hard to gaurd.

Use if: You want a great second option, a decent 1st option who might not score all the time but can break for big points. Can playmaker and play amazing defense and is an amazing 2 way

Don't use if: You want a shooting SF/SG

Bottom Line: Jimmy has very few flaws besides his three-point shooting and his scoring consistency and he is an amazing 2-way playmaker.

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