Jayson Tatum emerald card
80 Overall
  • 68 INS
  • 76 OUT
  • 73 PLY
  • 71 ATH
  • 71 DEF
  • 65 REB

Best starter card imo

Written by GoCelt

Short paragraph summarizing the review and how you used the player

Bought for: FREE


  • 3pt shooting: Got a slow but very green release, hits a ton of wild shots.
  • Defense: A in everything defensively as a ruby,
  • Playmaking: Actually a solid passer when he gets to ruby, even with the 3pt evolution. Can pass out of doubles with ease -Handles: Good handles


  • Not very good at finishing inside.

Recommended Strategy: He's good at running the iso game but can really be effective in most offenses. Use him as the primary ball handler most of the time.

optional comment Takes about an hour to evolve and is worth it.

Use if: You want a really good all-around sf to kickstart your 2k22 season.

Don't use if: You don't want to spend an hour evolving him

Bottom Line: Really good player for the little time that goes into it, would recommend for starting players

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