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    Made this by myself because i wanted to prove how much black lives actually matter and how much its ok (alright) to be black. No matter what skin tone, age, gender, choices you make, i dont care, i will embrace and accept you as a person. this applies not only for users on this site but people all over the world. I, myself being that one 11 year old asian has experienced much racism from physical to emotional. i know what it feels like to be put in a situation like what is going on for many black americans right now. How the police officers handled the situation is beyond acceptable and i stand towards the rights and the beliefs of the black nation of america. Everyone is equal, there is nothing that separates us with disadvantages or advantages from the people of the world.

    We Are Equal.



    is this a card comp???


    ok, to say something like that under this situation and how this is makes me scold down on you. HOW DO YOU THINK THIS IS A CARD COMP???


    oh, sorry. i will use transtae carefully


    i don't see people by the color of their skin, but how they treat me as a person



    I’m making a collection on that right now also, that’s respect, and you get a follow!


    or the logo of ur??? looke great