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    So we all know what happened with the Black Lives Matter thing. I gotta say all lives matter right? Well Whenwill2kgetbetter said Greakfreakkid is racist for saying whitlivesmatter that’s not racist i think Whenwilll2kgetbetter is racist for basically saying white lives don’t matter smh. I’m not saying blacklives don’t matter. I think we all should treat each other fairly don’t matter are skin color of are race.


    FAX all lives matter, we all got the same blood, so that means we all matter, not just people of different color.


    All lives matter, black, white, asian, hispanic, all of them matter.


    but thats not why he called him racist, he said the n word and hes white


    and the sad part is: No one understands that no certain lives matter, like, it's not right to just rant about WhAt CoLoR sHoUlD mAtTeR aNd ThEsE cOlOrEd PeOpLe ShOuLd DiE.


    Black Lives Matter is a good thing to say because at this time Black people have harder lives that they live in fear, white people have always and always will be treated normally. As a white person I say black lives matter. That isn't saying that white lives dont matter. we dont say "all lives matter" because we are protesting to make black lives equal to white lives. an example of this: lets so there are 2 people. One of them falls and breaks their arm. you wouldn't rush both of them to the hospital because one of them broke their arm would you? that scenario is like saying "all lives matter" when only black people have the unfair treatment.