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    This card is everything that Charles Barkley wasn't...

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    Today, On May 2nd, 2017

    Isaiah Thomas' recently deceased sister, Chyna, would have turned 23.
    Less than 48 hours ago, in game 1, Isaiah got his tooth knocked out.
    Over the past 36 hours, he had spend over 11 in the Hospital getting surgery on his tooth.
    Tonight, he comes out and drops 53 points in one of the greatest playoff performances of all time, leading Boston to a 2-0 series lead.
    Most played wouldn't have even played today. But Isaiah's thomas isn't MOST people.

    He showed the world what time it was tonight.

    It was IT Time.

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    This is only the beginning.

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    upvote if u missed lockercode

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    Heroes comes and go,but legends are forever.

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    Only 90 for the GOAT?

    - Scal stared death in the face and death blinked.
    - Scal arrested the police, sentenced the jury and executed the electric chair.
    - Scal sent work home and gave it sick pay.
    - Scal taught school how to learn.
    - YouTube watches Scal in 1080p.
    - The bank tried to rob Scal.
    - Scal rained on the clouds and blew on the wind.
    - Weed uses Scal to get high.
    - Scal calls fouls on the refs.
    - Scal wakes his alarm clock up.
    - The bible wrote Scal.
    - Scal killed homocide.
    - Glasses use Scal to see
    - Scal gave a building shelter.
    - MVP won Scal.
    - When shrek goes to sleep he mutters "Scal is love, Scal is life."
    - God prays to Scal 4 times a day.
    - A marathon ran Scal but got tired.
    - Makeup wears Scal to look nice.
    - Scal cleans soap.
    - Viagra uses Scal before sex.
    - Scal heats up the sun during the day and cools down the moon at night.
    - Scal made water thirsty and food hungry.
    - Scal made cancer ill.
    - Elections vote for Scal.
    - Scal shocks electricity.
    - Scal abducts aliens and scares ghosts.
    - Books read Scal.
    - Internet ads find Scal annoying.
    - Mud doesn't go near Scal because it doesn't want to get dirty.
    - Scal heals medicine.
    - Cars drive Scal to go get to work.
    - Scal gave birth to his mother.
    - Scal won the NASCAR sprint cup by turning right.
    - Scal poisoned Sulpher
    - Scal gives Mosquitos malaria
    - Scal terrorises Islamic state and Al-quaeda.
    - Scal slices knives.
    - Heaven goes to Scal when it dies.
    - Scal offended racism.
    - Memory can't remember Scal.
    - Scal tells instructions what to do.
    - Sleep uses pills to get more Scal.
    - Scal rants about Stephen A Smith and praises Kwame Brown.
    - Opinions share Scal with the world.
    - Houses go to Scal for parties.
    - Rollercoasters ride Scal for $3 a go.
    - Scal hurt pains feelings.
    - Scal made sight blind.
    - Presents send Scal to their friends.

    They say Scal doesn't play basketball, but basketball plays Scal...

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    When ur 1 month old son's already better than Kyle Singler...

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    Be a 99 ovr if he went to practice.....

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    People can complain about the unrealistic stats all they want. If I get 2700 cards I want the equivalent of Shaq shooting free throws and mids. I wouldn't want a Jordan with a 75 3pt rating for collecting 2700 cards...