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    Heroes comes and go,but legends are forever.

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    Only 90 for the GOAT?

    - Scal stared death in the face and death blinked.
    - Scal arrested the police, sentenced the jury and executed the electric chair.
    - Scal sent work home and gave it sick pay.
    - Scal taught school how to learn.
    - YouTube watches Scal in 1080p.
    - The bank tried to rob Scal.
    - Scal rained on the clouds and blew on the wind.
    - Weed uses Scal to get high.
    - Scal calls fouls on the refs.
    - Scal wakes his alarm clock up.
    - The bible wrote Scal.
    - Scal killed homocide.
    - Glasses use Scal to see
    - Scal gave a building shelter.
    - MVP won Scal.
    - When shrek goes to sleep he mutters "Scal is love, Scal is life."
    - God prays to Scal 4 times a day.
    - A marathon ran Scal but got tired.
    - Makeup wears Scal to look nice.
    - Scal cleans soap.
    - Viagra uses Scal before sex.
    - Scal heats up the sun during the day and cools down the moon at night.
    - Scal made water thirsty and food hungry.
    - Scal made cancer ill.
    - Elections vote for Scal.
    - Scal shocks electricity.
    - Scal abducts aliens and scares ghosts.
    - Books read Scal.
    - Internet ads find Scal annoying.
    - Mud doesn't go near Scal because it doesn't want to get dirty.
    - Scal heals medicine.
    - Cars drive Scal to go get to work.
    - Scal gave birth to his mother.
    - Scal won the NASCAR sprint cup by turning right.
    - Scal poisoned Sulpher
    - Scal gives Mosquitos malaria
    - Scal terrorises Islamic state and Al-quaeda.
    - Scal slices knives.
    - Heaven goes to Scal when it dies.
    - Scal offended racism.
    - Memory can't remember Scal.
    - Scal tells instructions what to do.
    - Sleep uses pills to get more Scal.
    - Scal rants about Stephen A Smith and praises Kwame Brown.
    - Opinions share Scal with the world.
    - Houses go to Scal for parties.
    - Rollercoasters ride Scal for $3 a go.
    - Scal hurt pains feelings.
    - Scal made sight blind.
    - Presents send Scal to their friends.

    They say Scal doesn't play basketball, but basketball plays Scal...

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    People can complain about the unrealistic stats all they want. If I get 2700 cards I want the equivalent of Shaq shooting free throws and mids. I wouldn't want a Jordan with a 75 3pt rating for collecting 2700 cards...

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    Upvote for use of "blokes"

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    Still can't see how he made first team. Yeah he's really good but blokes like AD, Andre Drummond and DeMarcus are better

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    "Curry scored 17 points in OT, so let's increase his mid range by 2, then leave all other scoring stats the same and increase his defense" - Logical 2K staff

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    at this point i dont blame my homie Bill for cheating on her.

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    Thank you Kobe. To those who insult him, fuck you. Go into the NBA and do what he did.

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    His final game was the type of game you tell your grandkids lol.
    The Michael Jordan of our generation. Respect Kobe