Comment on 27th September

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    John Stockton is here to make me think we were going to get a cheese Karl Malone card, but we didn't, Mutombo is here to basically be the new Artis Gilmore, Luka is here because we totally needed a Luka card this early, Christian Laettner is here so people can mess up saying his last name, mention his college career, or as a substitute for dudes who didn't get Channing Frye (Spoiler: Channing is going to be better), Darell Griffith is here because of that hairline and his dunking, and why is Jeff Hornacek's secondary position Small Forward? The dude is 6' 3".

  • Comment on 12th May

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  • Comment on 14th September

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    J.R. is here for people to make Henny jokes, John Havlieck is here in case we already don't enough undersized small forwards, MJ is here because he played baseball, Lebron is here to make everyone realize why they have position locks, Dave Debusschere is here so everyone can butcher his last name (I almost did), Wilt is here because we're probably not going to see him for a hot minute, Darell Armstrong is here because 2K is trying too hard to make small PG's good, Danny Aiege is here probably to trigger Celtics fans, Jermaine O'Neal is here so everyone can roast his hairline in-game, Ben Wallace is here because we TOTALLY needed an 6' 9' center that can't score, along with him having a better card, so he's useless, Pat Connaughton is here, even though he also has a better card, Charlie Ward is here for everyone to make bank off of Evo cards, I forgot Matt Barnes played for the Suns, and Channing Frye is here to put dudes like Shawn Bradley and Gheroge Muresan to shame.

  • Comment on 29th April

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  • Comment on 4th February

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    more than a week later and still no kobe card

  • Comment on 10th April

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    Hopefully to shut up that retarded troll

  • Comment on 30th January

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    2k why is kobe not the reward
    u guys are disrespectful
    or give his diamond for free in a locker code

  • Comment on 20th September

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    Chris Webber is here to make people think that the challenges may be worth it, but they probably aren't.
    Paul Pierce is here so people can make fun of him as an analyst, Kobe is here to make Troydan bust a fat nut and spend at least 500K VC to get him, Daniel Gibson is here to remind people that he was called "Boobie" when he played, Wally Szczerbiak is here so people can mess up spelling his last name, Rondo is here with a 75 mid and a 76 three for some reason, Latrell Spreewell is here so people can make choking jokes, also in case we don't already have enough undersized Small Forwards. I know height doesn't matter as much this year, but dang...
    D-Rob is here because no one is going to get his Opal anytime soon, AK-47 is here to make people think he's going to be a god again, but most likely N O, every other card except for Stephon Marbury is probably going to be trash (Marbury can be evolved to an Amy, I think?), KG is here because duh, it's his spotlight series, T-Mac and Vince are here because I have no clue why they were so low before this, and Muresan is getting nerfed. Yay?

  • Comment on 25th October

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    Jesus is king fucking sucks

  • Comment on 1st November

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    Tim is very overrated without Pop and parker he would be worse than bennett