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    My rhymes are so hot it's like a fire breathing dragon

    Your name is Klayyyyy cuz you're a Warriors bandwagon

    All you say is "Wilt's GOAT" Wilt's GOAT" with no facts

    I saw the rap you wrote above and it was straight whack

    You should know that you're a troll and I'm the king of 2K

    I'm gonna win this battle, it doesn't matter what you say.

    I hope this rap I do is gonna put this thing to rest

    Stop talking about Wilt because Scalabrine's the best

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    I've reached 700 comments & I believe that now's the perfect moment to leave.. words can't describe how <3'd I feel right now, the dedications that multiple people have created just for mah ARE PRICELESS... :D

    'I joined this site on 5 June 2016; & tbch with y'all, I wasn't expecting much.. that was the biggest single lie that I've been ever told...' - Hakeem..

    @GOLLUMonFIRE I purposely didn't tag you in the original comment.. I thought that it'd be the perfect time to do so now, since I'm leaving this site to pursue my academic studies (maybe visit on 16 AUG), keep doing what you do bro, cause you're not just simply a user on this site, you're a spark of hope & positivity which extends far beyond what you realise. You were the one who always provided me with encouragement & respect when I needed it the most as a young blood on this site. Although I didn't really get to know many peeps that well during my time here (including you), I'm glad that I can confidently say that to be able to meet ANYONE on this site, I was blessed that it was you.. stay awesome bro... <3 P.S. Happy B-Day in advance, have a great one this year!!!

    @MTIH I have full faith in you that you'll carry out your duties as a part of the 'NICE BROS' for the time-being, you never shied away from posting your opinion & I respect that a lot. Many users don't really know that you're just as nice & positive as GOLLUM, let me be the first to say that. I saw what you posted on the thread as well, & I'd like to say thank you, thank you for everything that you've done for me bro, it's been a pleasure to meet such a awesome guy like you!! :D

    @Shakespeare Please teach me some advanced english techniques!! xD Cause I'm gonna freaking need that for MAH future exams huehue~

    @vincecarter15 "Well you gotta put school ahead of a random 2k site" <-- QUOTE OF THE YR!! xD BIGGEST W THAT I'VE GIVEN ON DIS WHOLE SITE OF 'ALL-TIME'.. here's your custom created trophy for those wise words... :D

    @killinswagg98 Can't wait to see our 2 fav teams go head to head during the regular season, prepared to get yo a$$ kicked by my Grizzlies man!! xD Jk Jk lmao, much <3 & appreciation for making my G.O.A.T lineup brotha. :D

    @Thunderslam One of the few people that I really wish I got to know & interact with more.. D: Your content's very special, keep creating those beautiful masterpieces!! :D

    @#bucketsquadalltheway Gonna miss our convos bout' how we abhor QLD lmao, stay awesome bro!!! And go the Aussies on their 2016 Rio Journey!

    @steelcudajr Another one of the people who I'd wish that I'd gotten to know better, I just wanted to let you know that I've always followed you from the beginning & you seem like a great person on this site. :D

    @jeremylinisgoat17 Mark my words, Jeremy Lin's gonna have a BREAKOUT season next yr!! I said; MARK MY FREAKING WORDS.. <-- <3 that Space Jam 3 Spoof btw huehue~ Keep making your sensational cards bro!!!

    @SquaisheyDuck2 QUACK QUACK!! xD *salute*.. Gonna miss you a lot, your opinions & knowledge are second to none my friend. :D P.S. ALLEN CRABBE IS A HYPEBEAST!!!

    @Ran_Yo How am I supposed to start off?? You're like a freaking brotha to me my man! You don't realise how much our convos make my day. :D It's been a pleasure just to meet you, & I appreciate you as a friend on this site. P.S. Keep watching those Chris Smoove vids haha! *splaaashhhh* lmao

    @GKiefer Thank you so much for your service in Sudan, the world needs more peeps like you my man. <3 Wish that we'd talked more than we did buddy. D:



    @LALakers Your content on a daily basis is untouchable by other peeps on this site, keep it up fam!!! Your positivity & awesome lineups are undervalued & more peeps should check them out tbch lol

    @3PointBomber HAKEEEMMMM!!! Much <3 & respect homie. :D

    @ianstp Keep creating yo spectacular content & lineups fam, appreciate what you do for this community on a daily basis!

    So I guess this is it, sorry if I forgot anyone, this already took up half my brain-space (JK JK LMFAO RELAX), but in all seriousness, my time on this site has been an absolute blast, & I just hope that y'all stay as awesome as you always were in my eyes. <3

    ^^ W goes to all of you who just read that freaking essay!!! xD


    P.S. If this comment reaches a total of 34 likes (which it won't), it'd mean the absolute world to me as it would honour my worshiped god HAKEEEMMMM!!! And if it does, maybe I'll come for a visit on 16 AUG, hu knows??? xD

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    You're gonna take an L, like the one Drake handed Meek

    Stick trolling cuz the rhymes you wrote were weak

    My name is ARod and you know I run this site

    This rap will make you K.O. just like fight night

    @NBA_2K16_FOR_LIFE will delete this comment because he thinks it's mean

    Both of you guys are fat kids behind the computer screen

    @tupac I thought you were dead, but I guess you and Biggie are just hiding

    Klayyy you said you weren't a troll, but I know you're just lying

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    Ya'll both whack tbh smh

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    Bosh becuase hes more athletic and more consistently versatile. Love is no cometition a superior rebounder tho


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    I miss the old ZemGOAT, straight from the 'Go ZemGOAT
    Chop up the soul ZemGOAT, set on his goals ZemGOAT
    I hate the new ZemGOAT, the bad mood ZemGOAT
    The always rude ZemGOAT, spaz in the news ZemGOAT
    I miss the sweet ZemGOAT, chop up the beats ZemGOAT
    I gotta to say, at that time I'd like to meet ZemGOAT
    See I invented ZemGOAT, it wasn't any ZemGOATs
    And now I look and look around and there's so many ZemGOATs
    I used to love ZemGOAT, I used to love ZemGOAT
    I even had the pink Polo, I thought I was ZemGOAT
    What if ZemGOAT made a song, about ZemGOAT?
    Called "I Miss The Old ZemGOAT," man that would be so ZemGOAT
    That's all it was ZemGOAT, we still love ZemGOAT
    And I love you like ZemGOAT loves ZemGOAT

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    No please, ladies before gentlemen

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    If ya wanna hear mah secret on how to get these drafts, please like this comment + lineup guyys!! :D

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    so as of right now, GOLLUMonFIRE is currently enjoying a 10 day break up on the mountains (without wifi), i just thought that this was the perfect opportunity to honour & appreciate one of the NICEST guys that i know on this website (@MTIH as well lmao) on this freaking website(hands down). the amount of dedication that he's put into creating a positive environment for ALL OF US is priceless to not only me as a young blood on this site, but all of y'all!!!

    and i'd like to point out that his B-Day is fast approaching (16 AUG) & we should think of some sort of surprise B-Day gift/present for him (on this site of course) when he arrives back from his trip!!

    i'd appreciate any/all suggestions that pop up here, we have around 9 more days left to plan this out guys!

    all suggestions are more than welcome atm. :D

    ty so much for the ongoing support.. <3

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    That`s all you`ve got huh?

    If I played you at 2K,
    and you could have whoever you`d chose,
    and I had 13 James Nunally`s
    it`s certain that you`d still lose.

    Heck, do you even play this game anymore?
    All those losses must take their toll.
    At least if you`re as bad at 2K as you are,
    At being a troll!