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    1. You shall not put Bill Russell in your top 10
    2. Thou shalt love CP3 and put him top 3 for point guards all-time
    3. You shall not leave LeBron out of your top 2
    4. Do not put disrespect MJ
    5. Love Wade as yourself
    6. You shall not show support to any 60s player besides Wilt
    7. You shall hate Russell Westbrick
    8. Thou shalt never beg for upvotes unless you have clout
    9. You shall not care about your site stats
    10. Never take the site rules seriously

  • Comment on How to Fix Drafting

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    People are always complaining about how anons seem to have better draft "odds" and even though that isn't true, there's just way more anons drafting and therefore they have a higher chance of getting on the DOTD, I think I have found a way to improve 2KMTC drafting for users.

    2KMTC should just increase draft odds for users, a very simple change that would not only make users happier, but also increase the amount of users on the site because a bunch of these anons would want to get these increased odds. So both the users and the site benefit. Also, going forward the users would be on the DOTD more, and this would be a good way to increase site activity. If you have any ways to refine this idea or improve on it please comment on what I could do to improve this idea.

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    Gucci Gang Beat:
    KillerKat x7
    Spend 10 racks on popcorn
    Now he gonna go eat out earl
    Lets not forget about cdub
    He loves 2 at once
    Hed rather spend extra for some butter
    KillerKat x3
    His popcorn cost more then ur rent IT DO
    He still live in his parents basement YEA
    He still sells pokemon online AYE
    He and his sister have sex YEA
    None of that shit be new to kat NOPE
    Fucking his sister call it brother love AYE
    He bought some lube now his sister finna get it OH
    Fuck niggers thats kkk thoughts WOW
    Bitch ur breath smell like some butter BUTTER
    It must be the leftover popcorn AYE
    They kicked kat off the plane for a confederate flag AYE
    Now kkk fly a apache helicopter AYE
    Everybody scream fuck kkk FUCK EM
    KKK still selling pokemon MHM
    Hunnid pokemon in his deck sippin on some butter OK
    Fuck a lil nigger make his dick wet DAMN
    KillerKat x7
    Spend 10 racks on popcorn
    Now he gonna go eat out earl
    Lets not forget about cdub
    He loves 2 at once
    Hed rather spend extra for some butter
    KillerKat x3

    This song was produced and writen by nappy and all rights go to him for this... 10 likes for me to make this on soundcloud :)

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    Upvote this Lineup or be sent to the deep bottom of MTDB

  • Comment on Welcome new mods

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    Just surfing the website and meeting some amazing people so far, this community is amazing!

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    Best Player on Plant Earth, it's been that way since arguably 2008. He's arguably been the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball, with 30K points (possibly will end up with 36.5K or more) has 7.9K assists (possibly will end up with 10K or more) and 8.1K rebounds (possibly will end up with 9.5K or more). He is averaging 27.1 PPG throughout his 15-year-long career, and yet he isn't a scorer, 7.3 APG, and 7.1 RPG on 50.3% from FG in over 1000 games. He's a 3x NBA Finals MVP, 4x NBA MVP, and a 3 time NBA Champion, he's taken down some of the greatest players to ever play the game, in Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, and Stephen Curry just to name some. He's never missed a single playoff game and has never lost in the 1st round.

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    this site is now deader than harambe
    i remember when we had over 50 lineups being made ever minute
    i remember when we had over 50 new users a minute
    i remember when we had mods
    now we are lucky to get 50 lineups a day
    now we are lucky to get 50 new users a week
    now we dont need mods

    i remember when @tupac cared
    i remember the days of banter between users
    i remember when @NBA_2K17_FOR_LIFE was mod
    now @tupac arnt give a shit
    now know users are left for banter
    now @NBA_2K17_FOR_LIFE is gone

    i remember the things this site got me threw
    the people that helped me threw it
    most of those people are gone now
    thats all there is to it

    i remember the @numbers58 and the @Klayyyyyy s
    i remember the @KJSSticky15 and the @thegumpinator15 s
    i remember the @VBVBEB and the pre mod @Zane1914
    i remember the @LALakers and the @trolol
    but most of all i remember a site
    alive and well

    but now all that has changed now ones around not even
    @GOLLUMonFIRE is around no more

    @zemGOAT stays but he always will
    shout out to @Bogotac @Billbert33 @JOKICGOAT for staying too

    also to @GeckoGod00 and @EarlSweatshop

    i still have hope but its quickly fading
    everyday buy more and more
    so you can find me here
    just waiting
    just waiting

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    so i went to walmart today and saw a guy sucking an eggplant out of another mans mouth in the toys section


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    It was me dumbass please leave

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    Really appreciate the love for over a year, goodbye my family