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  • Comment on The Rebellion Anon vs Users

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    The Rebellion has begun, so far over the past year we have seen users grind to get the DOTD just to fail to an anon and they get the biggest drafts of all-time rather than the users who deserves it and we are pissed off and tired of that happening, so if anons are always getting the DOTD we have to play like an anon, we have to play it undercover.

    Users go anon mode, do drafts and when u finished a high rated draft put your username as the draft name and if that is the DOTD go back to user mode and comment that this is your draft, we are at war anon vs users.

  • Comment on The 10 2kmtc commandments 2k19

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    1. Thou shall not slander LeBron
    2. Respect is not given but earned on this site
    3. Thou shall never forget the fallen users banished by admin con
    4. Thou shalt never say "nice card" when it is in fact a garbage card
    5. Westbrook slander is encouraged
    6. Vote manipulation shall be frowned upon
    7. Thou shalt not care about your site stats
    8. You don't need a template to make a good card
    9. Mods should be active and engaged with the community
    10. If you steal cards you deserve to be made fun of

    RIP Gabe Moreno

  • Comment on feedback in comments

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    run bonga at pg hes basically just budget magic

  • Comment on bog banned forever

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    And if you do as he did you'll be banned next. It's not funny being an asshole to people, and I'd rather be working on new things than dealing with conflicts...

  • Comment on 2KMTC Restoration Declaration

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    Dear @tupac @conman_15 and @Flysenberg

    This site has become an absolute shitfest. Without the old users, the site is now on life support. Not dead yet, but hanging on by a thread. The time for change is now.

    I propose the following changes

    #1- New mods. There are enough leaders left on the site that picking two of them shouldn't be hard.
    #2- Unghost users such as @VBVBEB. They hold a key part of site history, and that history should not be hidden.
    #3- Be active. Not just in dms and groupchats, but comment on the site. Create discussion. Please. We need you now more than ever. This site is too well made to die. Look at how dry MTDB is. Surely you don't want this to occur.


  • Comment on WWFDeezNuts Diss w/BEANS & Flu

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    (Verse 1: @BEANSareDANK)
    Deez nuts is a big fag (yuh)
    Poop stain in my cum rag (huh)
    Eat a lotta pee
    I’m wavy like the sea
    Chillin at home with my poop wagon
    Gotta spit fire like I’m a dragon
    Call me irrelevant man well you got two followers
    On ur own like a molecular monomer
    Greg Heffley gotta get attention
    I’m #1 ur an honorable mention
    Bass pro shops man that’s my place
    Fish bait and tackle all on my plate
    I’ma hafta hit you with a fat hawg
    RIP Ash give her back ACOG
    Just like sal you take the L
    Me, flu, and stu we raising hell (wah)
    Me, flu, and stu we wavy as hell
    Mess with us young’n and you won’t prevail
    You rap about fortnite man what in the hell
    Come in all close let me tell you a tale
    About a fool who tried to dethrone the king
    Of 2kmt (blaoh)
    Beans are dank, I tell the truth
    I’m the new goat you can call me Ruth
    Flight Reacts might pee his pants
    Im going off I’m going ham
    I’m activating sicko mode
    We going into overload
    H4k33m’s a bum now that a fact
    WWF’s real name is Niko
    Time to go back to Puerto Rico
    Fuck ur hoe
    She in the show
    Shout out dad jokes man he’s the bro
    I track you down like torpedo
    You know that this site is dead
    Your baby momma give me head
    Fuckbois stacking nike socks
    Deez roll up in crusty crocs
    I got diamond swords in my pack
    Stack it up boi thats a rack

    (Verse 2: @theflugame)
    Listened to your shit I ain’t heard two lines that rhyme
    Shouldn’t have come at us now you’re boutta get baptized
    Fuck around get chastised, your ship done capsized
    You’re a fucking pussy, lemme ask you what’s your pad size?
    Your songs gave me autism through the computer
    Whip out my Luger and you get neutered
    Thought you’d always be a virgin, but that status is erased
    What I’ll do to you qualifies as statutory rape
    You’re a boy among men, a midget among giants
    If I could give you guidance I’d suggest you stay silent
    Compliant not defiant, you’re my bitch, be quiet
    I’m a God, be pious, I’m the highest of the highest
    It’s me Beans and Stu on a whole lotta gang shit
    Playing Fortnite, you really been up on some gay shit
    Your fate is now upon you, and it’s too late to escape it
    Three dicks in your mouth, how the fuck that shit tasting?

    (Verse 3: @The_NBA_Studio)
    I could make a whole jail, with all these bars
    Lock it, throw out the key, leave flu in charge
    Keep you locked up in there like you was at large
    You was never at large barely know who you are
    Your cat couldn’t be as much a pussy as you
    Walk up the stairs and your dad beans gonna beat you
    Relevant in a mory way, wanna delete you
    Walking up the street meet the sped say I met you
    Your comebacks are empty, on red like you are due
    Beans and flu just murdered you my verse overdue
    Overdo everything here’s your debut under my shoe
    If you wanna troll at least be good at what you do
    I’m testing new concepts, use him as a bomb test
    Making comments, I’m nauseous, touch your nose like that’s not it
    The internet not meant to share shitty content
    His mom went to the store to escape his torment
    Wait, he makes fortnite raps? Dear god that’s awful
    That shit so bad the president made it unlawful
    I call for, a ban, and a long one at that
    He’s a good user the same way I’m blind as a bat
    Irrelevancy, steadily has him singing melodies
    He sing shitty parodies about his enemies
    Jealousies lurking in each of his felonies
    He wanna be like me what small possibilities
    Memories of all his mental disabilities
    Creep inside his head, the probabilities
    That his recipe for success was his one liability
    Think about it his person got 0 amenities
    Filled with an ungodly level of dissimilarities
    To people on this site with desirable qualities
    He thinks the method is to hide his demons under the sheets
    But if you leave this site no ones writing you as a causality
    You’re casually the worst user in this whole site history
    A mystery that your seen as an accessory
    No publicity, it would be such a liberty
    To remove the injury of your account from this site, victory
    Now tell me young boy, why you fucked with the wrong man
    You shoulda known he’d get the heavy artillery
    Your mistake, now he got users with credibility
    Maybe when your old enough you can get a stamp of authenticity

  • Comment on My fucked up Dad

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    Ok, so Let me tell you about my shitty ass dad. He was always an alcoholic and also sniffed and chewed tobacco at night and tried to hide it from my family. So sometimes at night he got super abusive and had obvious anger issues(like once he punched my brother because he thought he ate some food in the fridge, but he HIMSELF ate the food, and my brother was like 7 at the time so it was super abusive and scary). So anyways, eventually we ended the bullshit, and we made him leave our house and my parents are trying to get a divorce now. Sounds like an average shitty dad, right? Well today(it's been like 8 months since he moved out) he drove all the way to our house, which is over an hour away from us, JUST TO BREAK INTO OUR HOUSE. Technically he owns half the house, but what he did was SO MORALLY FUCKED UP. I bursted into tears honestly when I found out he got into our house and opened the door to my brothers bedroom to talk to him. It may seemed like he cared about us, but I have my doubts. First of all, he spends all of the money in our bank account on cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, and potentially other shit like that. He also smelled of smoke when he was in our house(by the way, it was just my brother in the house(he's 18 now) and I was at school, while my mom was at work). So yeah, my day is fucking ruined because my dad came into our house probably fucked up on something, and just thinking about how terrible of a human he is makes me cry. This isn't a sob story or anything, just wanted to tell you guys my situation if you guys are wondering why/if im acting strange to you. I know this is an essay but I needed to get my feelings out there, if you have any questions please comment. Thank you for reading this.

  • Comment on Opinion

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    I don't know where you're getting these ideas from, or where you spoke to me, I never said those things. You can argue with mods, you can disagree and get angry with them, but you have to respect them. That means you don't tell mods to go kill themselves because they were applying the site rules. I don't know why you feel that this site is only usable if you are allowed to act like an asshole towards the mods.

    If you did something illegal and the police arrested you, you couldn't blame your arrest on the police for doing their job, you'd blame it on yourself for doing something illegal in the first place. It's the same here, people broke rules and they were handed a punishment, and instead of just accepting that they did something wrong they decided to attack the person doing their job as a moderator.

  • Comment on The end of KBTEE4E

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    I’ve had great fun on this account, but now it’s time for me to end my run on 2KMTC. At least on this account. My account is filled with cancer and unwanted negativity, so I’ve decided to start a new account called @The_NBA_Studio. If you want to follow, go ahead.

    Here are my favorite users on the site, with no order:

    And shoutout to the most underrated user in sight history: