Comment on 10th April

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    The NBA just won't be the same without Dirk and Dwayne

  • Comment on 8th April

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    On the last day of the season these 2 battled it out for the scoring title. David Thompson played first and dropped an nba record 32 in a quarter on his way to 73pts taking the lead. George Gervin needed needed 59 pts to take the lead back. He got 63 just to be safe as well as breaking David Thompson brand new record with 33pts in the 2nd quarter meaning it didn’t even last the whole day.

  • Comment on 20th June

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    um wheres Anthony Bennett's card

  • Comment on 28th June

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    Hoo boy, this is going to be long.
    Brain Scalabrine is here for the memes, Dirk is here because his PD wasn't that great of a dunker, George Mikan is here so 2K has an excuse to use that picture again, Jimmy Butler is here as a bull, even though it has a Sixers logo for some reason, Joel Embiid is here because TRUST THE PROCESS, Dr. J is here so nobody will bother to go 12-0 for his PD, Kobe, Lebron, and Jordan are here because nobody got their Signature Limited cards. Mitch Richmond is here to remind us why he's called "Money Mitch", T-Mac is here to blast our souls into oblivion, Vince is here because he needed an Opal, I guess? Arvydas Sabonis is here to be the best Stretch Five in the game again, Glen Rice is here because he hasn't gotten a card in a while, Joe Johnson is here because he needed defense, Tom Gugliotta is here to make DBG bust a nut, even if he hopped off the base 11 train, Josh Smith is here so he can lock everyone up, Latrell Spreewell is here so everybody can make choking jokes, Sam Cassell is here so everybody can make alien jokes, Antione Walker is here because he hasn't gotten a card in a minute, the 2 Pacers (Bodgan and Myles Turner) are here because they haven't gotten cards all year, Kevin Johnson is here so everyone can make fun of the picture 2K used, Mo Pete is here because he was buddy-buddy with Vince, and he got a card, so he needed to get one, too, Rondo is here, even though he has a better card, and all the Amys are here because they haven't gotten cards in a while.
    Jesus Christ, that took a while...

  • Comment on 17th May

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    michael porter doesn't play = diamond
    Kevin Knox
    Bridges all just got worse cards than a dude with 0 minutes played

  • Comment on 8th March

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    Best card art in MyTeam history. Gonna give graphic designers a hard-on.

  • Comment on 22nd January

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    Aah, yes, the anniversary of Brandon Roy's 81 point game against the Raptors.

  • Comment on 30th May

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    does kobes daughter yell kobe or dad when shooting?

  • Comment on 17th May

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    it's called NBA2k so it should maybe correlate with the fucking NBA

  • Comment on 25th June

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    Lowkey was expecting the awards cards like MVP Giannis