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    Nah i've pulled a 98 and it wasn't even over 14,000,000

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    Disclaimer: James Donaldson did not win sixth man of the year at any point in his career. However, Roy Tarpley, who is pictured on the card labeled as James Donaldson by mistake, did win the award. They both played the same position and had similar play styles, so I just put Donaldson there to represent Tarpley.

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    Bruv I just got 7 Opals and was like "lemme check the main screen and see if I got top draft," and I see this shit HOLY HECK MAN HOW

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    Mookie Blaylock is actually #1 right?

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    I thought I was the only person who had this idea, I've been making this lineup on here since 2k17 lol. it would probably be good asf too.

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    Cool, thanks. Idk why I didn't google it anyway but good to know.

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    In reality I'm running the diamond J Smoove with foams and a diamond contract and I'm at around 100 tokens so I'm planning on getting the PD Smith but I'm also heavily considering Eaton and Sabonis.

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    Couple of gay rapes, that didn't result in any expulsions because my school had a thing at a book fair where a parent complained about a book with gay parents in it being out in front of the kids and a faculty member removed said book per that parent's request, which caused the book store sponsoring the fair to cancel it and close everything down and made our school look homophobic, so when the two kids got gay raped (more like sexually assaulted somewhat heavily so I've heard) the school didn't expel them because they didn't want to seem homophobic for expelling gay kids.

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    He absolutely was a good three point shooter, well above league average in both percentage and made threes for multiple seasons. He's just talked about as a dunker these days because his dunks were really memorable. In his regular season career he made 711 threes at a rate of 0.7 made per game shooting 32 percent from three. The diamond Reggie Lewis 2k just released has 88 open contested and off dribble three, making him a much better shooter than this card, yet in his best shooting season he made just 14 of 60 and made 0.1 of 0.3 attempts per game for his six year career.

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