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    It makes you a better shooter when contested, but worse when left open. It is basically a lesser version of deadeye when contested but hurts players that are open, and overall just makes cards really inconsistent when shooting

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    I agree with most of what you said, but the Kobe Bryant foundation helps poor families in need, and I think that's what he wanted them to donate to and not the actual families. Also, another option would be to release an opal/pd card with a spotlight type challenge series but without the packs and full collection, but just has 17 challenges that are actually somewhat difficult and that are related to his career like 81 points with a single player. If they did PD for that they could also do the Opal reward like you said.

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    as a Syracuse fan who makes an all Syracuse team every year, I am probably the only one excited for this card even though he isn't that good this year tbh.

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    All evo players are fully evolved and I use lower overall players so that I get matched up with less sweaty players

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    Not really for just a diamond career 32% 3pt shooter. If it was PD or Opal I could see it being between 85-92

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    tru especially if RJ gets a moments with a good 3pt shot since he has amazing animations. Plus Nash fully evod is a top 5 pg

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    I'm assuming dunk masters is just your team name and not a theme you are doing where everyone is a good dunker. If it is a themed team then disregard what I am saying. But, you seem to have a lack of shooting especially in the starting lineup. Maybe look into getting Wally Szczerbiak or Brian Winters for spacing, and probably start Dirk when you get him to Amy for spacing and until then start Luke Walton since having both Davis and KG who can't shoot is a liability. I also don't know why you have Antonio Davis since he is undersized at center and doesn't make up for it with great stats or badges. Unless you just really like him I'd sell him and pick up someone like KAT, Embiid, Lafrentz, or Muresan. Other than that it's not too bad except I personally think the Jeremy Lin card is trash so unless you do well with him I'd look into a replacement for him like Lillard or Fox. Also maybe look into using Porzingis until you get KG/Dirk evolved further.

  • Comment on Raef LaFrentz 85

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    Lmao and now they patched it and its nearly 2k18 levels of shooting. 2k only works in extremes. First gameplay was too slow and shooting was horrendous, so instead of slightly speeding it up and making shooting slightly better, they made it one of the fastest 2ks in history(Heat Shaq feels like previous year's Magic Shaq) and made it so if you have over a 75 from 3 you can knock it down with ease.

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    fax hes one of the only guys i've been able to shoot consistently with. Plays elite defense too no one blows by him

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    Its a bit of a grind. It took me about 3 days but it sped up a ton once they added triple threat offline. That mode especially helps for the shooting guards who for some reason have to get rebounds as a challenge. Just grind that with some domination on the lowest difficulty and it shouldn't take too long.