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    Had to play against it in Triple Thread. To be honest, it is not real. Lets just pretend it is a game. AK47 has never ever been any close to this card.

    Next thing, Samaki Walker Pink Diamond.

  • Comment on Marc Gasol 84

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    For some reason, He hits open 3s consistely for me.

    Make the play "fist 15out (bq)". Ive scored 50 points with him for the challenge. outstanding.

  • Comment on Grizzlies Heat Check

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    This cards replace the "moments" card. So when Gasol have a beast game, this Heat Check card will get a boost of 72hours. After that, it will come back to its 84. I dont know if he has a poor game if it will get cold.

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    It is so awful to see players that belong to a collection with the Jersey of another Franchise.

  • Comment on Marc Gasol 84

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    73 open threes? What a joke. Our best shooter underrated.

    It is nice to see his dynamic duo is zbo. However, mike conley would make more sense to me at this point. Mc11 and JJJ dont belong together just yet.

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    Good review.

    I picked artest in the first domination because I already owned Kyrie86 and Dee Brown 85, I am three games away from picking the second time reward and between Lever and Mcdyess, Mr Fat would be my option. However, is it worthy to grind those 3 games to get Lever now that I have JoJo White, Hardaway, Brown and Irving? Wouldnt fit in my line-up... Might do it for de MTs tho

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    My best players at the moment. I have played like 140 games so far, including all gamemodes I mean. 10 games away to beat historic domination.