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    I have, myself, full confidence that if all join the revolución, if no one chooses cons side, and if our greatest effort is made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves able to defend our basketball gaming home, to ride out conmans storm, and to outlive the menace of his bans, if necessary for months, if necessary for alts. At any rate, that is what we’re going to do, that is the resolve of this dying website-and every man and woman who uses it. That is the will of the site rules and the people who follow them. The big users and the small users, linked together in their distain and in their cause and in their need, will defend to their death this beautiful site, aiding each other like the good comrades to the utmost strength in their fingers. Even though large users of 2KMTCentral and many old and respected users have been banned and have fallen or may fall into the grip of conman, we shall not flag or fail.

    We shall go on to the end, we shall fight on the lineups, we shall fight on the forums and the cards, we shall fight with growing strength and confidence on the collections, we shall defend our site, whatever the cost may be. We will fight on the drafts, we shall fight on chats, we shall fight with the mods, we shall fight with our fellow users and with our will. We shall never surrender, and if, which will not be the case, if we get banned we will create more alts and more emails, until in God’s time, the future of the site, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of a conmanless future.

    Now who’s with me?

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    I’ve had great fun on this account, but now it’s time for me to end my run on 2KMTC. At least on this account. My account is filled with cancer and unwanted negativity, so I’ve decided to start a new account called @The_NBA_Studio. If you want to follow, go ahead.

    Here are my favorite users on the site, with no order:

    And shoutout to the most underrated user in sight history:

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    That’s if Marc Gasol was traded as I predicted


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    Lou Will:
    Now that the Clippers are pretty much irrelevant, why not trade Lou Will to Boston for Marcus Smart AND a first round pick?

    D’Angelo Russell:
    D Russ needs a new location, and nothing would be better than a trade to the Phoenix Suns for T.J. Warren that will finally give the Suns a PG and will give Brooklyn a wing to pair with Marc Gasol.


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    Washington Wizards:
    1. John Wall traded to Knicks for Frank Ntilikina and 2 first round picks
    2. Bradley Beal traded to Lakers for Lonzo Ball and 1st round pick

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    Oh you’re one of those people *eye roll*


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    1. Kemba Walker
    It doesn’t make sense why Charlotte has kept their star. After losing Dwight there’s about a 0% chance they’re making the playoff, and this whole season is going to be highlighted by Kemba barely missing the all-star team. The Hornets should take advantage of Walker whilst his value is at its highest, so that they can possibly get some first-round picks for him. If Kemba gets injured, the Hornets are screwed for their future.

    2. Memphis Grizzlies
    The Grizzlies are yet another team that needs to hit the restart button. Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are both getting old, combined they won’t get Memphis to the playoffs, why not get some talent or some picks back for them while they still have some value?

    3. Miami Heat
    Sure, the Heat could enjoy a 7th seed and a first round exit, or they could find a team to take Hassan Whiteside, then they can trade Goran Dragic for a first rounder and start a rebuild. If they do that, they can save themselves and their fans 3-5 years of being “OK”.

    Charlotte Hornets:
    1. Trade Kemba Walker to Utah Jazz for Ricky Rubio and 1st round pick

    Memphis Grizzlies:
    1. Trade Marc Gasol to Brooklyn Nets for Jarrett Allen (Young up-and-coming talent)
    2. Trade Mike Conley to San Antonio Spurs for Patty Mills and a first-round pick

    Miami Heat:
    1. Trade Hassan Whiteside to Chicago Bulls for Bobby Portis and a 2nd round pick
    2. Trade Goran Dragic to Los Angeles Clippers for Milos Teodosic and a 1st-round pick