Comment on D.J. Wilson 71

  • 3

    I have many galaxy opals on my team, but none can match the brilliance of this DJ Wilson card. He is far beyond the clowns like lamarcus aldridge and brook lopez, this man is not only the greatest shooter you'll find but the sheer amazingness of lanky smoove will put you in awe as he dunks on and splashes threes in galaxy opal's faces. Three words that sum up this card are, god, amazing, best, because dj wilson truly is the best card we've seen in any game of nba2k.

  • Comment on Brook Lopez 94

  • -1

    Don't get me started about how this sad excuse of a human being has hof range extender but the only thing hes extending is the distance between him and not being a clown. This card not only made me wanna sell the game but made me wish I could quicksell this atrocious card. Brook Lopez's nickname is a lie. Instead of splash mountain, his new nickname is brick house because that is the only thing he produces while shooting the basketball. This awful card should be lower than a bronze because no one should feel the shame of having a lower overall rating than an actual bag of trash. The three words I'd use to describe this card are disgraceful, clown, trash. I am truly ashamed of being the same species as this idiot.

  • Comment on LaMarcus Aldridge 95

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    I am proud to say that I have quick sold this sad excuse of a diamond card. Do not let the hof range extender fool you because this trash can of a human being can not knock down any sort of shot in a game on a difficulty higher than rookie. I made the choice to lose 20k mt and quick sell this garbage man rather than scam another person into buying this awful bum. I can truely say this is not only the most overrated card but also the worst card I have tried all year. Instead of picking up this clown I suggest you buy bronze Amile Jefferson, as anyone is better than the atrocious mistake that is Lamarcus Aldridge.