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    defence is good but no point

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    Did you know that not_Kaws is very lonely and desperately needs a girlfriend to get rid of his depression? -not_Kaws sister

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    Did you know that Ben was taunted by the other toddlers in the 11th grade for being 7 feet tall but weighing in at 128 pounds, so he wasn't allowed to play sports because he was a nigger. When he turned 9, he was tired of being humiliated so he became a street thug and murdered all the white trash that insulted him. After being found by Phil Jackson on a street corner and having a switchblade duel, Phil saw his skills and offered him the point guard position on the Chicago Bulls, because it was always open. #fakerandomfactsss

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    Did you know that Ersan wanted to be a woman when he was 46, so he glued water balloons to his nipples and ripped off his piper so he would be acknowledged as one by his fellow grave-diggers. However, this made him lose a lot of popularity in the city so he declared for the draft when seeing he could make big money. He told the Bucks in a high-pitched voice that he leaked $100 bills out of his titties, and they believed him, taking him with the first overall pick later that decade, when he was 61. #fakerandomfactsss

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    Did you know that Ben hated going out of his room as a kid because he pumped his own jizz into his mouth 24/7 and never wanted to be disturbed as he was doing so. One day, his dad and mom opened the door and saw Ben humping his favorite LeMickey body pillow, so they quietly released him to an orphanage, where he became the greatest slippery sword-swallower in the history of niggers. #fakerandomfactsss

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    Did you know that T.J. was so obsessed with Thomas The Train as a kid that when he turned 13 years old, he got a train and immediately deepthroated it 8 inches deep right into his stomach. He wanted to go to Hooter's to have it slowly removed by his favorite bitch, but when his parents said no, he ripped off his clothes and rapidly jacked off so hard the train came out. #fakerandomfactsss

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    Did you know that Brad was supposed to be given the name "Daughter" after fudging his 13 daughters from 6 different bitches by the authorities, but it was too obvious so they changed it to Daugherty, much to the dismay of his 69 husbands. #fakerandomfactsss

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    Did you know that Bridgeman was the first nigger to ever be dunked and puked on by Isaiah Thomas at the exact same time as jacking off to Chuck Berry on the radio? #fakerandomfactsss

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    Did you know that Jerry was one of the first NBA players to jizz on the court in the middle of a playoff game? #fakerandomfactsss