Comment on Game Breakers

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    - some of us don't waste our money on VC & can't afford to complete the High Flyers collection to get the other Ruby J Rich (which is clearly a better card BY FAR) even the emerald JRich is >10k

    - this Ruby Crawford will probably be much cheaper than his 30k Historuc Ruby, that's dope if u ask me!

    - I've never played more than 2 people who used Connie Hawkins

    - we need a couple GOOD Karl Malone cards, even in 2k16 he sucked

    - There's only one other KAJ card

    - Diamond Yao's probably for those of you who DO waste a ton of money on VC who want to Diamond Yao cheese on the Amy Yao cheesers in MTO

    - u can NEVER have enough MJ cards

    - never really cared for Bob Cousy either

    - The Bucks GP card was all D - this diamond is gonna be the ALL GLOVE, 96 spd w/ball and 95 ball cntrl!! Yeeeee!! (Don't know y I'm so happy I'll never be able to afford even one of these diamonds lol)

    All in all this actually looks like a DOPE collection, I feel like no matter what cards get released - u guys are still gonna bitch. If u ask me - I'd take J Rich & Jamal over Shabazz Napier or Trey Burke any day